Human Disease and Drugs

This Assessment is worth 10% of your overall course grade. This portion of Assessment #2 will be worth 50% of this assessment’s total grade.

Outcome(s) Assessed:

  • Course Outcomes
  • Institutional Outcome
    • Informational Literacy and Communication – Utilize appropriate current technology and resources to locate and evaluate information needed to accomplish a goal, and then communicate findings in visual, written, and/or oral formats.

oExplain the fundamental concepts and processes of diseases and/or conditions.

oRelate the causes and mechanisms of disease with the associated diagnosis, treatments, and medications typically prescribed.

oEvaluate the accuracy of abbreviations and dosage/prescription measurement in health documentation and make necessary corrections.

Relevant Background Information:

This assessment will examine the pathologies, diagnostic testing, patient presentations, and treatments for conditions related to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems.It will also assess disorders and conditions as a result of trauma. The knowledge and skills learned will allow the student to understand common presentations of various disease processes, common medication use associated with various system related conditions, as well as the related lab/diagnostic tests for each condition. The knowledge and skills learned would allow the student to interpret and apply basic medical information such as lab work, prescription orders, patient signs and symptoms to a specific pathology/disease that they would see within a patient’s medical chart.

Assessment Purpose:

To prepare the student to identify signs, symptoms, and lab/diagnostic results associated with various systems related pathologies/diseases.

Assessment Directions:

For this assessment, you will complete 5 short answer questions. For the first three short answer questions and the reflection question, provide your answers in a well-developed paragraph of 100 – 150 words for each question. Type your responses into a Word document with your name, date, and the title of this assessment at the top of the page. Total word count for this assessment should not exceed 500 words.

Read the following scenario, including the examination findings and the blood test results, then answer discussion questions 1 – 3.

Mr. K, a 57-year-old man, presents w/CC of bilateral claudication provoked by moderate exercise. Pt also states extended sitting w/o support of lower extremities results in bilateral lower extremity erythema and occasional pedal paresthesia.Contributing Social hx: Smoker: 30 pack years; little to no regular exercise.

Physical examination reveals an overweight male appearing his stated age.Hyperthermia and anterolateral alopecia noted bilaterally in the lower extremities.

Blood Tests:



Differential Diagnosis: Peripheral atherosclerosis, CHF, and peripheral vascular disease.


1.Explain how the disease process and development of atherosclerosis resulted in the presentation and lab results of Mr. K.

2.Discuss the complications that might develop in Mr. K.

3.Identify possible plan of care options that may include patient education, treatment options, necessary referral(s) and/or further diagnostic testing for Mr. K.

Read the following scenario, including the Medication Review, then answer questions 4 and 5.

Mr. K was seen later that month where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.A script for Lisinopril, 20 milligrams to be taken once a day by mouth was written.The following is how this was documented in Mr. K’s chart:

Medication Review


Encounter Type





Route/ Frequency


Entry By


Office Visit – Follow-up/Established Visit 12/13/17

Lisinopril Tablet – (Prinivil, Zestril)/1 Tab




Dr. Mills


4.Identify the abbreviation errors made in this record.What is the proper notation that should be used?

5.Identify the inaccurate information in the Route.What is the proper abbreviation that should be used?

Reflection Question

1.Describe the knowledge and resources you used to address the discussion questions for this case study. Identify how this helps you as you prepare for your chosen career.

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