Human development: choose one of two topics

For this assignment, you will compose a 4-page essay in which you will review one of two theories
of development as it relates to your life experience
A. Introduction (based on one of the theories below: 1 – 2 pages)
Choose one of the two options below and write a 4-page paper (approximately 900-1000
words). Please use Times New Roman font and double-space your work. The title and
reference pages are not included in the total page/word count.
OPTION 1. David Elkind believed that the teenage years are marked by adolescent egocentrism
which takes two forms. How do these two concepts play out in the modern context with social
media and apps dominating many teens’ lives?
a) Imaginary Audience: A common belief among adolescents that they are or will be the focus
of attention in social situations and that others will be as critical or approving as they are of
b) Personal Fable: An exaggerated sense of personal uniqueness and indestructibility, which
may be the basis of the risk taking that is common during adolescence.
OPTION 2. At Kohlberg’s preconventional level, moral reasoning is based on the physical
consequences of an act — “right” is whatever averts punishment or brings a reward. At the
conventional level, right and wrong are based on the internalized standards of others: “right” is
whatever helps or is approved of by others, or whatever is consistent with the laws of society.
Postconventional moral reasoning involves weighing moral alternatives: “right” is whatever
furthers basic human rights.
Discuss Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning and explain what stage of moral
development you believe you are currently in. Give one example that demonstrates your
present level of moral reasoning.

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