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Homework Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the knowledge that
you acquire throughout the course to a real-world community problem,
and become familiar with one specific organization that targets your
chosen community problem. The paper requires you to THINK about what you
are learning and APPLY it to a specific problem.

Your first tasks are to identify a community problem of interest to
you and an organization that focuses on that problem. For example, if
you chose HIV/AIDS as your problem, you could use The Minority AIDS
Project ( for your
organization. Then complete the following in 1,750-2,000 words.

  1. Community Problem.
    Identify a community problem, include examples of the problem
    manifested; integrating material from online sources (e.g., magazines,
    newspapers) in order to bring the problem to life for the reader. You
    should also include statistics from a reputable source to support your
    claim that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. To help support
    your paper include at least two peer reviewed journal articles that
    support the topic.
  2. Description of the Organization.
    Provide a brief overview of the organization with an emphasis on a
    description of the intervention and action approaches utilized by the
  3. Analysis of Approaches.
    Discuss how the programs and activities of the organization are or are
    not consistent with intervention and action strategies in community
    psychology. How could you describe the intervention in community
    psychology terms? In addition, use community psychology ideas to discuss
    the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention strategies.
  4. Action in your Community.
    Describe how you would replicate this program in your own community.
    How would you disseminate findings about the program to make others
    aware of the services? How would you educate the community for support
    of the program?

Use six to eight scholarly, peer-reviewed resources to support your explanations.

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