Help with these 25 questions below – Intro to Civilization

Connections: A World History, Volume 2
Edward H. Judge & John W. Langdon, 2016
ISBN.13: 978-0-133-84139-8

1. Which of these lost out to Portugal after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople?

a. Spain

b. France

c. England

d. Italian cities

2. Henry the Navigator was the __________.

a. younger son of the king of Portugal

b. heir to the Portuguese throne

c. king of Portugal

d. adopted son of the king of Portugal

3. Columbus’s proposal to sail west to get to China was based on what assumption?

a. China can be reached via the Indian Ocean.

b. The circumference of the earth is 25,000 miles.

c. The earth is round.

d. Existing navigation charts were correct.

4. How did Días’s voyage around the tip of Africa affect Columbus’s plans to sail west?

a. Columbus temporarily abandoned his plans.

b. Columbus revised his plans.

c. Columbus was more determined to sail west than before.

d. Columbus knew he had to complete his journey quickly.

5. From the start, Portuguese enterprises in Brazil indicated that the colony would be used

__________ the rest of the Portuguese seaborne empire.

a. as a trading post, like

b. as the model for

c. as the center of

d. very differently from

6. According to Catholic doctrine, a person who died before atoning for all of his sins was sent to


a. hell

b. purgatory

c. heaven

d. paradise

Unit 1 Examination


GED 130 Introduction to Civilization

7. The arrival of John Tetzel led Martin Luther to publish the Ninety-Five Theses because Tetzel


a. supported Luther’s criticism of the Church

b. was selling indulgences

c. carried orders to arrest Luther

d. was a notorious pluralist

8. Which country became Protestant because the king wanted to divorce his wife?

a. Switzerland

b. Germany

c. France

d. England

9. Which of these changes took place in the English Church under Edward VI?

a. It became more Protestant.

b. It split with Rome.

c. It returned to obedience to Rome.

d. The monasteries were reopened.

10. In the _____, the nuclear family structure begin to become the norm.

a. 1400s

b. 1600s

c. 1800s

d. 1900s

11.Who was responsible for bringing firearms to Japan?

a. the Chinese

b. the Mongols

c. the Portuguese

d. the British

12. Which country’s navy was equipped with iron-plated “turtle ships?”

a. Japan

b. China

c. Korea

d. Spain

Unit 1 Examination


GED 130 Introduction to Civilization

13. Which statement best describes the role of the shogun?

a. He served as the emperor’s minister.

b. He was a military leader under the emperor.

c. He ruled in Japan in the name of the emperor.

d. He ruled in the absence of the emperor.

14. As warfare became rare in Japan, the samurai in effect became __________.

a. civil servants

b. dilettantes

c. priests

d. farmers

15. Which emperor moved the Chinese capital back to Beijing?

a. Yongle

b. Zheng He

c. Hongwu

d. Li Zicheng

16. By about 1650, the focus of the global economy shifted from the Indian Ocean to the


a. Pacific Ocean

b. Mediterranean Sea

c. land routes

d. Atlantic Ocean

17. India preferred to trade with the Portuguese as opposed to other Europeans because the

Portuguese __________.

a. did not try to convert them to Christianity

b. brought goods that the other Europeans did not have

c. paid in gold

d. were not interested in colonizing the area

18. What event marked the end of Mughal power?

a. the British capture of Bombay

b. the Persian sack of Delhi

c. Mughal conversion to Hinduism

d. Mughal defeat by the nawabs

Unit 1 Examination


GED 130 Introduction to Civilization

19. Which of these best describes Mughal rule?

a. centered in northern India

b. unified all of India

c. converted all of India to Islam

d. never extended authority to central or southern India

20. Who founded the first Wahhabist state?

a. Shah Safi

b. Sultan Selim

c. Amir Ibn Saud

d. Nadir Shah

21. Which of these was a large Central African kingdom based on agriculture?

a. Mali

b. Kongo

c. Zimbabwe

d. Kilwa

22. Why did Portugal turn to slavery in its colonies earlier than other European states?

a. small population and labor shortage

b. an entrenched racial ideology

c. competition with Spain

d. a richer and larger state that could better afford slaves

23. Slavery in the Americas was harsher than earlier forms of African slavery because in the

Americas, slavery was __________.

a. for two to three generations

b. usually in colder climates

c. mainly confined to indoor rather than outdoor work

d. based on race and rationalized by racism

24. What is the relationship of Kanem-Bornu to Songhai?

a. Kanem-Bornu conquered Songhai.

b. Kanem-Bornu replaced Songhai’s role in the trans-Saharan trade.

c. Songhai overran Kanem-Bornu, taking most of its territory.

d. Kanem-Bornu and Songhai rose and fell at about the same time.

Unit 1 Examination


GED 130 Introduction to Civilization

25.The Boers were __________ in South Africa.

a. English settlers

b. native Africans

c. Dutch settlers

d. freed slaves

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