Early Childhood Learning Environment Plan

For the Final Project you will write an eight- to ten-page paper in which you describe your idea of an effective learning environment for either infants or toddlers.

I would like to stress the words infants or toddlers. PLEASE do not write a paper based upon a preschooler, a child in Pre-k or even older since this class was based upon infants and toddlers.

Final Papers may only be submitted once, the grade that you receive will be your earned grade. For any paper that has been submitted that is not specifically about infants or toddlers your paper will not be accepted, no exceptions

Background Information:
Creating a positive learning environment enhances opportunities for young children to feel safe and supported. Teachers and child care providers learn that careful planning and the effective arrangement of space and classroom equipment can facilitate learning experiences for young children.
“Creating a Learning Environment for Young Children.” Teaching our Youngest. Early Childhood-Head Start Task Force.

Preparing for your Final Project:

For the Final Project you will write an eight- to ten-page paper in which you describe your idea of an effective learning environment for either infants or toddlers. Your paper should include details of the information presented over the duration of this course including the resources list above. Your paper must include each of the elements below:

  1. Create a mission statement that illustrates your basic philosophy of working with young children. For examples of current mission statements, go to “Daycare Mission Statements (Links to an external site.)” and “Early childhood center mission statement.”
  2. Create a lesson plan using this lesson plan template (Links to an external site.) for two of the developmental domains (i.e., cognitive, physical, social, or emotional).
  3. Explain your vision for each learning center in the learning environment.
  4. Identify the developmentally appropriate age group for which the lesson plans are developed.
  5. Describe the learning center. For example: What are some activities children will be engaged in? In what ways are you incorporating all developmental domains (physical, cognitive, social, etc.)?
  6. Explain how are you incorporating the design considerations from Figure 6.1 of the course text?
  7. Describe physical and/or instructional modifications for children with special needs.
  8. Discuss whether your classroom will have primary caregivers and/or continuity of care (looping), with a rationale for your choice.
  9. Discuss how you will meet health and safety standards in the learning environment (covered in Chapter 4). Include information on hand washing, cleaning, sanitizing, and safety precautions.
  10. Explain how the teacher will accommodate parents in the learning environment. For example, how will you create spaces that invite and welcome families into your environment? How will you help families feel comfortable leaving their children in your care? How will you communicate with parents?
  11. Describe how the teacher will create a positive working relationship with other adults in the learning environment (e.g., occupational therapists, parent volunteers, teaching assistants, etc.).

You will submit your Final Project as an eight- to ten-page paper, not including title and reference pages. You are encouraged to address the requirements and, if applicable, include images, charts, and/or graphs. Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Your references page must include a minimum of two outside scholarly sources in addition to the textbook and required readings.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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