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1. How do you believe organizations should approach conflict within organizations? Can conflict be beneficial to an organization (explain your position)? Please include an example of a time where you experienced conflict in an organization and describe the effects (good or bad) on the organization and how it was resolved (if so). If you haven’t had an experience, develop and share a scenario where you feel conflict could impact an organization in some way.
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2. When working in an organization, there are truly two kinds of conflicts that can arise; problematic, and constructive. Problematic conflict is when employees are getting into verbal and even physical arguments, employees are not respecting their bosses wishes, etc. However constructive conflict becomes true during the creation of a project, discussing options on what steps to make, and how it should be done. This conflicts are beneficial to an organization because it allows team members, bosses, and any one else that is involved to see another side of things. It allows people to weight the options and make choices in a professional manner.
Organizations should deal with problematic behavior accordingly. They need to be taken care of and dealt with in a way the prevents the organization from experiencing a downturn. However, they should let constructive conflict continue because it will result in growth.
In my career, where we work in small groups all of the time, there is conflict on a daily basis. This conflict comes to fruition from a difference in perspective on how we should complete a job. A lot of the time in the construction industry we are given a spot where things belong but getting things from point A to B is our job to make happen and there are multiple ways to skin a cat. Usually there is some arguing which could make someone crumble and feel bad about themselves if they cannot handle the situation, but ultimately in my mind the resolution of the conflict and a decision being made is more inportant than how someone feels about the situation. They would need to brush themselves off and keep moving forward for the teams sake.
Dewey states in 1973, “that conflict energizes people to debate issues and evaluate alternatives more thoroughly. They probe and test each other’s way of thinking to better understand the underlying issues that need to be addressed” (Shane & Von Glinow, pg. 305, 2018). After experiencing tons of conflict, I would agree with Dewey and say that it does lead to a better understanding of the issue and allows people to think about alternatives before making a decision.

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