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Deviance (continuation)

Teachers instruction: In your responses, state whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with your classmates Range of Tolerance; and/or if you differ, how so? About 150 words on each response.

Tracy’s Post

A. Deviance is, in my own definition, anytime an individual strays from the socially accepted norms or standards of the society they live in. I think of it as someone standing in “defiance” of authority or law. But in that context it is easy to deduce why one person might see something as deviant where another would not. It would depend on which social circles you consider normal, what morals and values have been instilled in you and what laws you feel you are bound by. Culture and religion play a big role in this as well. Certain cultures would not find polygamy socially deviant but many other cultures and or religions would.

B. My outlook on deviance is that there are not only ranges of conformity but also that it depends on which accepted norms you are not conforming to or overconforming on that ultimately would determine your range of deviance. I believe I fall into the norm with a slight lean toward over conformity. I would give my self a 7. I don’t accept a B as an okay grade for myself I get A’s, I don’t accept that just because my sister died I can let my grades fail. I don’t allow my kids to dress or act inappropriately in certain social situations and when they do I am honestly mortified. But I also have lived outside what society considers the norm in that I have been married and divorced 3 times. My family is embarrassed by that fact and so am I . But lets say that there was a rating scale that you got a certain number for being deviant for under conformity based on things you did in your life that fell outside of what was considered socially acceptable by the majority and no consideration was given based on what those thing were. So if someone committed murder or rape 3 times they would score a 3 but someone who cheated on a spouse 3 times also got a 3 (no that is not why I have been divorced 3 times!). That is not how the level of someone’s deviance should work.

C. 0-Rape of a child


2-Serious Physical Harm to another human being mentally or physically



5-Contributing to society in a meaningful way

6-Treating others with respect and kindness

7- Being an over perfectionist and not accepting a flaw in others

8- having no tolerance or empathy for extenuating circumstances

9- Bullying of someone that you feel does not live within your definition of a societal norm

10- Physical harm to another you justify due to belief that they are not following laws

D. I “I had never done anything but marijuana, I had never tried cocaine” I watched the first clip about 2 young kids that are talked into smuggling cocaine out of Columbia. They had never done anything like this before. One of them tries cocaine and overdoses. “I started to reminisce about life back home and started think wow, maybe it wasn’t that bad” They ultimately are caught and arrested and sent to a Columbia prison on a 10 year sentence on a first offense. “This wasn’t my country, I don’t belong here” “here you f@ck for your life” They were told about the prison they were sent to. They serve 5 years in that 5 years one of them almost shoots and kills a man to protect himself from being a target. They ultimately escape after 5 years. Many things in this scenario would warrant them being labeled as deviant. They smuggled drugs, attempted murder and escaped as fugitives of justice. But when looked at as bigger picture, these are 2 impressionable young boys. And things like that have a trickle down effect. One day you are law abiding kid and the next a fugitive of justice from one single choice. I think that is why our justice system with all of its flaws still is better than many. First offenses are taken into account as well as age and offense. This initial behavior would fall into what I gave a 3 for me, stealing. Stealing harms whoever is being stolen from no matter what as does selling or dealing drugs even though you may not have the intent to do harm.

The second clip I watched was about a father that takes his son on a tourist trip to China and does not tell him until they get there that he is also smuggling in 20 Kilos of marijuana. The father is initially arrested when he is caught with over 7 kilos and takes full responsibility but the son is still there with the rest of the marijuana. The father is threatened with execution but the son is released. The son has to decide what to do, bring the remaining drugs to Japan and make enough money to save his father or go home and leave his father in prison. He decides to sell the rest of the drugs and save his father. In this situation I would give the father a 2 on the deviance scale, but the son only a 10. The father had a responsibility to protect his son and do him no harm. My number 2 was to cause serious physical or emotional harm to another human it is almost worth a 1 when it is your child in my mind. He purposely put his son in harms way and lied. The son made the decision to sell weed out of love and to protect his father which is my idea of over conformity. My 10 was “Physical harm to another you justify due to belief that they are not following laws”

Elizabeths post

a.) In my own words I would explain deviance as the behaving in a way that would not be considered normal in your social environment. Something illegal or immoral for instance. I think the difference in what one person might consider deviant and another wouldn’t has a lot to do with where and how they were brought up. This brings me back to the discussion we had about the Roma Gypsies. The community was mixed with two different types of people and what one type of person had to do to survive another type of person found unacceptable.

b.) I think if I had to place myself on the scale somewhere I would be a between a 4 and a 7. It all depends on the time, place and situation. Rules are important, there is no doubt about that rules and laws are set in place for a reason. Any person wants to be socially accepted. But what if you are in a situation where breaking the rules becomes necessary? I know if I were put in that type of situation, where maybe, for example, someone’s safety was at risk, I would have no problem being deviant if the situation called for it. I suppose as it said that it all depends on where I am and what is going on.

1- Sexual assault of any kind
2- Murder
3- Domestic abuse
4- Stealing, crimes that are not harmful
5- Doing nothing bad but nothing good either. Not stealing but not stopping a thief. Neutral
6- Turning in a criminal. Not physically stopping something bad but helping.
7- Stepping in to personally help someone or stop something bad from happening.
8- Always helping others, donations, living for others and not so much for yourself.
9- A person who follows all rules and does nothing out of the ordinary. Someone who is afraid to break any rules
10- Someone who does no wrong, tries not to make any mistakes, and does not associate with anyone who is not like them.

d.) I could not watch the videos from the National Geographic website they were all locked when I followed the link. I was not able to open them up. So I watched the YouTube episodes that were attached. The first clip was Locked Up Abroad – Venezuela. 2 men were convinced to try to smuggle drugs. They were convinced that they would not get caught they were promised a fun vacation and payment. They were very naïve. They thought it was a win win. I would put their behavior between a 3 and a 4. When they began they didn’t have any intentions to harm anyone. They were looking for an adventure and a pay day. After experiencing what the drugs they were smuggling could do and they still continued to go about the smuggling. They knew what they were doing could hurt someone but did it anyway. Even though they did not directly harm someone there actions could cause harm.

The second clip was Locked Up Abroad – S7E11 – China. This episode is about a father an son who try to smuggle drugs in China. The father convinced the son (much like the first video) that the plan was fool proof. They got caught and the son ended up getting away because the father took the blame. The son decided to continue with the plan so that he could use the drug money for his fathers legal expenses. He succeeded and the father got legal help, but ended up serving 12 years in prison. This one I find a little more difficult to choose a range of deviancy. While yes they both broke the law. They both did something they shouldn’t have done. At the end of it the father did what I think most fathers would have done and took the blame so his son could go free. He served his time and went home to his son when his sentence was up. I suppose I would put him at a 4. He didn’t really harm anyone and when it came down to it he stepped up and did what he saw was best for his child.

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