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Data Review Project Proposal – MHA-FP5020

  • Preparation

    Expand upon your peer-reviewed or authoritative sources from Assessment 1 that substantiate your approach and method for the data review, such as accrediting body standards, accounting principles, federal laws, or Medicare conditions of participation.Note: While an annotated bibliography is not a part of the graded assessment, you will need to integrate your sources into the proposal.Review the balanced scorecard model. You will construct a balanced scorecard table in this assessment to convey the value of your project to the organization.


    Draft a proposal for your data review project. Use the Data Review Project Proposal Template, linked in the Resources of this unit.Integrate faculty feedback on your proposal, prior to sharing it with the prospective client.

    Supporting Evidence

    Add a minimum of five relevant, authoritative sources, cited within the outline, different than the original citations from Assessment 1. Limit commercial website references to no more than two entries. Format your citations and references using APA style.Note: The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your proposal addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the Data Review Project Proposal Scoring Guide to better understand how each criterion will be assessed.

    • Choose a framework appropriate for examining the type of data under investigation. Look at the following for examples and explain the basis for your choice.
      • For a compliance project, use the regulations.
      • For an accrediting assessment, use the standards and site survey criteria.
      • For the implementation of a new service line, consider using the balanced scorecard framework.
    • Explain how a project addresses and adds value to each of the four areas of an organizational balanced scorecard. (The four areas being, business operations, finance, customer service, and organizational learning and growth.)
      • Create a balanced scorecard table similar to the one presented in the Balanced Scorecard Example, linked in the Resources of this unit.
      • Consider a strategic, systems perspective as you contemplate value to the organization and how the project aligns with the organizational mission, vision, and strategy.
      • Find evidence to support your assertions and conclusions.
      • Determine what additional information would strengthen your value proposition.
    • Develop proposed structures (for example, pie chart, graph, spreadsheet, process map) for the visual display of summarized raw data.
      • Reflect on what type of visual display structure will best fit your selected topic. Although you are just beginning to collect data, you will want to consider how to display it.
      • Ensure that your data displays are clear and easily interpreted.
      • Ensure that the proposed title includes the focus of the data, units of measurement, the organization’s name, and time frame.
    • Combine clear, coherent, and original writing, in APA style, with relevant and credible evidence from the scholarly and professional literature.
      • Apply correct APA formatting to your source citations.
      • Consider how or why a particular piece of evidence supports your main points, claims, or conclusions.
      • Make sure your supporting evidence is clear and explicit.

      Data Review Project Proposal Template

      Your data review project proposal should include the following elements:

      Cover Page: Include
      the project topic, the course title, your name, the date, and the instructor’s

      Table of Contents:
      Headings and sub-headings with right-justified page numbers.

      Executive Summary:
      One page, double-spaced. Include the topic, the problem, the purpose of the project
      or data examination, the method to examine the data (data review), and the
      nature of the findings (for example, quality improvement of X).

      Four-sentence topic description—statement of the problem, the performance
      indicators to be evaluated, the outcome measures for each indicator, and the
      value proposition or relevance statement.

      I am examining [state the issue or problem],
      because [identify the relevant and authoritative reference that validates your
      issue as a problem].

      I will examine [state the type of data], and
      will assess the data by measuring [state the performance indicators and outcome

      This project will add value to [state the type
      of organization or name] by [mention how it aligns with an organizational

      This project aligns with my professional
      interests and career goals by [mention how it adds value or has relevance for
      you personally].

      Statement of the
      State the issue in the form of a problem, and add a properly-formatted
      APA citation.

      Literature: Provide a minimum of six authoritative sources. Add a short
      description of each source explaining how the content directly relates to the
      topic. Note: Wikipedia and
      commercial websites are not authoritative sources.

      Your sources should address the following:

      The issue from a national or industry level.

      Current, relevant facts, trends, and emerging

      The issue relative to your subsector of the
      health care industry or continuum of care.

      Data and statistics that substantiate the need
      to examine the issue (or, what are the consequences and risks of not addressing the issue?).

      Client Value Proposition:

      State how your project will address or add value
      to each of the four areas of the balanced scorecard: business operations,
      finance, customer service, and organizational learning and growth.

      Restate any pertinent information, including an industry
      macro overview, such as a new policy to be implemented, compliance with an
      existing regulation or law, and client needs and situation.

      Make a precise statement about how the data
      review will add value to the organization.

      Include a request for input and feedback from
      the practicing health care professional or selected health care organization.
      This is to ensure that your identification of key performance indicators and
      targeted data sets under investigation align with the needs of the

      Expected Outcomes and Precise
      Performance Measurement:

      What data will be collected and analyzed?

      Explain how each performance indicator that
      relates to the problem will be measured. Be precise in explaining how the
      outcome will be measured.

      Explain what type of visual displays you will
      use to summarize or group the data you are examining (for example, a pie chart,
      graph, spreadsheet, and process map.)

      Leadership Component:

      Describe your precise roles and responsibilities
      in leading the effort. Human subject research is outside the scope of the Health
      Administration Capstone course.

      Select one NCHL competency within each category
      or domain of People, Transformation, and Execution. Then, provide a short
      explanation about how each relates to your project. For example, Domain =
      People; Competency = Change Leadership. I will practice this competency in Unit
      4 by seeking feedback and suggestions from a practicing health care

      Timeline: Include
      a week-by-week summary of major tasks to be done to complete the project.

      Proposed start and end dates, weekly to-do
      tasks, responsible party (learner), and due dates. Note: Use the Project Management Timetable format.

      Optional: For Health Administration Capstone
      Experience learners only, please include the project PowerPoint presentation
      date, location, or web conference information.

      Add the following information needed for Unit 4:

      Project Information

      On-Site contact (health care professional reviewing
      your proposal): name, title, organization, e-mail, phone, and address. Also,
      designate one alternative contact.

      Your contact information: name, title,
      organization, e-mail, phone, and address.

      Your instructor’s contact information: name, title, e-mail, and Capella phone extension.

      Statement of Confidentiality (you agree to abide
      by all applicable employment and workplace laws, including HIPAA, and you agree
      not to disclose proprietary information before, during, or after your data
      review project, without prior written consent from your proposal reviewer’s



      Reviewer’s Signature and Date


      Title and Organization


      Learner’s Signature and Date

    • Balanced Scorecard Example

      Applied to a Billing Process Improvement Project

      Business Operations



      Learning and Growth

      Diminish critical
      path variance by x% during Q3 of FY 15. Current baseline is 14% variance

      revenue by x% over baseline during Q3.

      customer satisfaction scores by x% during Q3 of FY 15.

      billing process and develop critical path. Evidence: Critical path document
      constructed and variance points identified for further quantification.

      Establish a
      new critical path and measure variance from baseline for billing process Y.
      Goal is variance < .03.

      denials by x%.

      non-revenue producing staff communication time by x minutes/day.

      coding errors by x%.

      The purpose of this example is to demonstrate the impact of
      your proposed project to a senior executive. You are quantifying what they can
      expect if they implement this project. What are the goals or benchmarks? What
      will indicate if they are making progress (performance indicators)? How will
      they measure their progress (units of measure: variance rate, minutes-per-day,
      percentage of denied claims, and percentage of reduced coding errors; resultant
      savings: staff time, aging accounts, delayed revenue inflow)? Essentially, you
      are citing the time frame in which results might be obtained and providing
      targets for those results.


      Please keep this simple. It is not a complex exercise. You
      will simply make
      a balanced scorecard table similar to the one above for your project and add it
      to your existing proposal. Feel
      free to customize the table for your project.

      to review the instructor feedback from the Data Review Project Proposal assignment.
      Ensure that you have included any suggested revisions in your new and improved
      project design. Also, include any suggestions from the client, when applicable

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