CRJS 6215 Walden University Criminal Justice Essay

Most of the national focus on criminal justice is on the federal criminal justice system. However, an overwhelming majority of all offenders are arrested, convicted and incarcerated at the state or local levels. As such, understanding the reality of criminal justice policies and practices at your local level are immediately more pertinent than understanding those at the federal level. Furthermore, the challenges at the local level are usually more consequential and impactful to the communities they serve.

To Prepare:

Imagine you are a consultant who was hired to research, analyze, and present a report to the police chief and mayor of a major U.S. city of your choice. Your presentation must identify the city you selected and two contemporary criminal justice policies or procedures that are challenging that city. For each policy or procedure, provide evidence-based solutions to each, including a visual representation of quantitative data relevant to each.

Some examples of policies and procedures you might select include sanctuary cities and immigration enforcement, police body cameras, anti‐terrorism, public shooters, response to civil unrest, criminal prosecution of police officers, or a different topic approved by your Instructor.

The Assignment:

Using the Walden Writing Center Course Paper Template, in 4‒5 pages, your report should include:

A brief (no more than 1 paragraph) introduction of two contemporary criminal justice policies or procedures that are challenging that city. Be sure to indicate the city.

An explanation of why the policies or procedures are challenging the city, referencing 2–3 credible resources.

A proposed evidence-based solution for each policy or practice that is challenging the city (each solution should be at least 1 page each).

A visual representation of quantitative data relevant to each solution, to demonstrate its prior success.

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