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Computer Science Question

From the book – Object Oriented Analysis and Design with.Applications, topic will need to be discussed. once topic is identified, topic needs to be submitted for approval with one paragraph of explanation on why it was picked. once approved, the real assignment – Research Paper will start. I have created is well before its due to give enough time for everyone.


Papers that are not
clearly about OO systems development techniques will not be accepted. you will be turning in paper installments over the duration of the
time if preferred. These will not be considered final draft, instead It will be given a feedback for each installment. This will help
with the overall quality of your final submission.

Papers should be 10 -pages minimum, but not exceed 15-pages each (not including title page, abstract,
or references).

Tables and figures are encouraged.

Copy all quoted material exactly as it appears in the original, indicating any omissions by three spaced
periods. At the close of the quotation, give the complete source including page numbers. A block quote
must be a minimum of 40 words or four lines, single spaced.

Define any words or phrases that cannot be found in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. Define or explain
new or highly technical terminology. Write out the first use of a term that you expect to use subsequently
in abbreviated form. Abbreviations ( i.e., e.g., etc.) are only acceptable in parenthesis, otherwise they
must be spelled out, that is, for example, and so forth, respectively. Please avoid other foreign phrases
and words such as via.
Citations should strictly follow American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. Examples of
references cited within the texts of articles are as follows: (Williams, Allen, & Jones, 1978) or (Moore,
1990; Smith, 1991) or Terrell (1977). In citations, “et al.” can only be used after all authors have been
cited or referenced with the exception of six or more authors. As per APA all citations must match the
reference list and vice versa.

Warning: Please do not try to use old research papers that do not cover the topic. It is very clear when a
anyone has eight pages of material discussing Steve jobs, then one page of unrelated material discussing
knowledge management.

Detailed Requirement later. In short, It needs to be researched well. Powerpoint needs to be created on same content (knowledge extracted) which will be posted.

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