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COMM 2F00 How can Smartphones be used for Social Activism?

Minimum Word Count: 700 words Maximum Word Count: 900

This module response is focused around the issue of Smartphones and Political Protest. The social shaping of technology theory shows us that, as with most technologies, Smartphones (both hardware and software) can be used in ways that empower people or in ways that dis-empower people and as a means of surveillance and social control.

How well does the submission discuss:

  • Smartphones uses for Social Activism
  • An example of Smartphone Activism
  • The benefits and constraints (pros/cons)
  • The moral & ethical implications
  • The of call to action or key ‘take-away’

Does the:

  • intro set up the discussion – what, how, why?
  • discussion section include a media article that provides and at least two M6 readings ?
  • conclusion provide a recap and a call to action/take away?

Your module response will discuss/be shaped by the following:

  • How can Smartphones be used for Social Activism? Give an example to help your discussion.
  • What are the benefits and constraints (pros/cons) of using Smartphones for Social Activism broadly?
  • More specifically, what are the moral & ethical implications of Smartphone Activism on the use of our personal data, privacy, and freedom?
  • Based on your discussion, what do kind of call to action or key ‘take-away’ can you provide to your reader?

Your M6R must include:

An introduction, a discussion section, and a conclusion. No need for subtitles/headers etc.

  • the Intro clearly sets up the discussion – what, how, why.
  • the Discussion section includes a media article that provides an example of Smartphone Activism and at least two module six assigned readings (see below)
  • the Conclusion provides a recap and a call to action/take away
  • the submission offers clear writing with proper paragraph structure and few grammar and punctuation errors
  • the material used is cited in APA; includes an APA formatted Reference List

Module Six – Assigned readings

Manikonda, L., Beigi, G., Liu, H., & Kambhampati, S. (2018). Twitter for Sparking a Movement, Reddit for Sharing the Moment: #metoo through the Lens of Social Media. ArXiv. (PDF Files Tab)

Ullrich, P. & Knopp, P. (2018). Protesters’ Reactions to Video Surveillance of Demonstrations: Counter-Moves, Security Cultures, and the Spiral of Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance. Surveillance & Society, 16(2), 183-202. (PDF Files Tab)

Hermida, A. & Hernández-Santaolalla, V. (2018). Twitter and video activism as tools for countersurveillance: the case of social protests in Spain. Information, Communication & Society, 21:3, 416-433. (PDF Files Tab)

Borkert, M., Fisher, K. E., & Yafi, E. (2018). The Best, the Worst, and the Hardest to Find: How People, Mobiles, and Social Media Connect Migrants In(to) Europe. Social Media & Society, January-March: 1–11. (PDF Files Tab)

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