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  1. Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. Quote each passage and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you. (12 points)
  2. Describe how you might incorporate this week’s content into your work with infants, toddlers, and their families? If you are already working with infants and toddlers, what specifically will you do, when, and how? If you are not yet working with infants and toddlers, what do you want to remember from this week’s content and how might you use this information. ( 6 points)
  3. What questions do you have or what information would you like me to know? ( 2 points)

I need this two times.same questions answered but different wordings and different documents. I need two sets.

one of the readings

second, (u can use the quotes that is been used here) Have put the page#. as well, do not use the whole thing. just quotes for the. 1st question

the curriculum of infant and toddler care must be culturally and individually relevant because there are children who are culturally diverse, linguistically diverse and are from diverse socio-economic backgrounds as well. The curriculum also rests on the base of relationships. The four domains which are crucial for this curriculum are; socio-emotional development, cognitive development, language development and motor development. The first part of the curriculum must focus on developing a relationship based on attachment between the child and primary caregiver (Ebbeck, 2015). This will also aid in socio-emotional development because the child will be able to benefit from the sense of safety and predictability. The teacher or caregiver must be able to read and respond to the emotional cues of the child. They will then be able to help the child in emotional regulation. for instance, books, stories and songs which have feelings in them are a good way.

Furthermore, allowing ample time for children to make sense of their experiences can help in cognitive development. This can be ensured by keeping toys and books that are easily accessible. The curriculum can also include toys which involve nesting, stacking and cause and effect. Language development can be ensured through a curriculum in which children are paid attention to when they talk. They must also be encouraged to expand their language. creating a lending library and helping children develop dual language are also important ways. The motor development can be ensured through letting the infants and toddlers to move freely in a room. The environment should be safe for them to do so. for instance, keeping safe baskets which can be filled with balls and them emptied elsewhere by the infants and toddlers is a good idea (Rubio-Codina, Attanasio & Grantham-McGregor, 2016)

The first early care routine is feeding. the teachers must ensure that there is a warm and peace and can give that to the infant as well. The teacher must understand the importance of this routine for creating attachment, warmth and overall sense of well-being in the child.( Pg.11 )Communicating clearly and offering supportive environment is essential when a toddler is learning to feed himself or herself. When you offer support, and a safe environment they actually learn faster and it would be easier for them to ask for help as well. Also I chose this routine because it has an effect on physical development and language domain. Offering help and creating a safe environment to the infant can be a lot helpful for the infant to be comfortable and have a positive development.

The second routine is sleeping and nap time. A teacher must understand that every child will have different sleeping needs. There are times when a child who wakes up really early might need to nap earlier too. This child’s mother could be leaving early to work. ensuring a healthy and safe environment for resting is crucial as well. Also caregivers have to know that infants sleep more than older children, so it’s important to pay attention to their sleep schedule and when they have the need to sleep.( p.67) because they nap a lot during the day and they might be awake in the middle of the night. I chose sleep as one of the routines because it’s very important and it has a lot of effect mentally and physically in order of development.

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