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change the in my research paper in cloud computing

change the in my research paper in cloud computing

this is just a paper revision, you don’t have to write a new paper, just change what is indicated.

i will need you to assist me in case some questions and small edits need to be done besides those listed below.


1. First, my supervisor said that it is not a good research in which there is no data analysis, and he told me where are the interview questions that I did, and I relied in my research on the reports and information on the Internet, so he asked me. So we need a survey too!

2. Secondly, if we change the analysis, this leads to a change in the research methodology. Third, I was asked to make a comparison with international companies that use cloud computing, for example, an American telecommunications company or others.

3. Third, note that the references in the research are not scientific and I am asked to change them as reliable references

4. Fourth, we want to change the discussion and recommendations

Finally, we want the research to come out well and provide something useful, so the decision is for you to either change the analysis in a quantitative or qualitative scientific way.

So the paper structure should remain the same, but we need to research on the international companies that use cloud computing using a survey, and add some data analysis to support our findings and results. By doing this, we will have to change the research methodology. And lastly, we will completely change the discussions and recommendations section