Challenge 8 Making meaning and Your Manifesto

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For challenge 8, it is a worksheet just answer the questions provided

For the ‘Your Manifesto’, please write more detailed as it takes a lot of points

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Below is the instruction for ‘Your Manifesto’

Your Challenge:

Getting Started.

  • Imagine that the earth is a spaceship and to be on the earth you must be part of the crew. There is no room for passengers just traveling for pleasure. You have to apply to be on the ship.
  • What position are you applying for and why? (In other words, what do you see yourself doing on earth?)
  • Why is this position important? What core issues will it address? Give us some background on the issues.
  • DOWNLOAD and complete the “Manifesto Worksheet” (<–link) to help you get started.


Paragraph 1. What are your core goals for yourself, your future, and for how you will contribute to the world? Note that these do not need to be “career-oriented.” Some of the highest and most important goals may not be career-related. Be specific. Do not just say you want to “serve the world” or “serve God” as fully as possible. Try to locate the place where your gifts and passions meet the worlds’ need.

Paragraph 2. Why is this position important? What core issues will it address? Give us some background on the issues. Show us you care about the issue by demonstrating your knowledge of why it matters.

Paragraphs 3-12. Reflect on each of one of the big ideas and challenges from this class (at least 1 paragraph per idea/challenge) and how those ideas changed the way you live or might help you in the future. Think about what you learned from each challenge (gifts, weaknesses or “strengthnesses” of yourself – or insights about the world) and what it means for how you hope to live out your life. As a reminder, here are the 10 Lessons and 10 challenges (Also look back over your Challenge posts):

  1. People are different. These differences represent the vast range of human potential and possibility. Our assumptions, beliefs, values, ideas, ideals – even our abilities – are largely a product of our culture. (Talking to Strangers Challenge)
  2. We can respond to such differences with hate or ignorance, or we can choose to open up to them and ask questions we have never considered before. (Fieldwork of the Familiar Challenge)
  3. When we open up to such questions, we put ourselves in touch with our higher nature. It was asking questions, making connections, and trying new things that brought us down from the trees, and took us to the moon. (28 Day Challenge)
  4. Our most basic assumptions are embedded in the basic elements of our everyday lives (e.g. language, routines, habits, technologies). (Word-Weaving)
  5. We create our tools and then our tools create us. (The Unthing Experiment)
  6. Most of what we take as “reality” is a cultural construction (“real”-ized through our unseen, unexamined assumptions of what is right, true, or possible.)
  7. We fail to examine our assumptions not just because they are hard to see, but also because they are safe and comfortable. They allow us to live with the flattering illusion that “I am the center of the universe, and what matters are my immediate needs and desires.” (The Other Encounter)
  8. Our failure to move beyond such a view has led to the tragedy of our times: that we are more connected than ever, yet feel and act more disconnected. (Humans of My Stuff)
  9. Memorizing these ideas is easy. Living them takes a lifetime of practice. Fortunately the heroes of all time have walked before us. They show us the path.
  10. They show us that collectively, we make the world. Understanding how we make the world – how it could be made or understood differently – is the road toward realizing our full human potential. It is the road to true freedom. (This Manifesto)


  • An Essay — Your essay should be substantial and follow the outline listed above. It should be approximately 1,500+ words.
  • Include an image/video that reflects your perspective

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