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To receive credit, the “Excel Tips/Tools/Tricks” (don’t choose NPV, IRR, Wrap text and others covered in class). Write your name and 3 chosen Excel topics under this thread. Double check what other students chose before you start working on this assignment and Avoid duplication.

You will also attach the electric version next to your name under the Discussions tab. All of us will have access to these wonderful resources.

Deliverables: a HARD COPY as well as an ELECTRONIC COPY of the “Excel Tips/Tools/Tricks” Workbook Report with 3 spreadsheets. On each sheet you will cover one chosen Excel topic: description, formula, syntax, worksheet example and interpretation of your result.

The Report (1 workbook with 3 spreadsheets) is DUE by the date posted in Blackboard or as instructed by your professor.

You will have to submit only one workbook with all 3 Reports saved under your last name and the names of your topics like this: Johnson_WrapText _XIRR_Solver.xls


Here are some Excel topic ideas:




Placing images in comment cells

Recording macros

Conditional formatting

Freezing rows and columns, freezing titles

Formulas – copy and paste special

Solver and Goal Seek

Putting a secondary axis on a graph

Wrap text .( I am joking, choose a different one)

Random number generator

Lookup functions

Protecting sheets, ranges, and workbooks

Using the format painter

Match and Index functions


Using the Mid text function

Pivot Tables

Moving and copying spreadsheets 9too easy)

Watch boxes

Sort and Filter

Use of templates for B/S and I/S

Flow charts using textboxes and auto shapes

External queries

XIRR functions (not this one)

Matrix multiplication


Refining graph formats

Conditional formatting

PV function (too easy)

Data validation w/range names

Rate function


NPV (not this one)



More charts


Sample example is in the attachment.

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