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Dear Valued Entrepreneurs,

As discussed in class, this course is your opportunity to start up your own business. A 25% component of the course’s grade is a “Business Plan Term Project” which demonstrates your ability to integrate concepts presented in class, to conduct research, to organize material, and to effectively utilize all in presenting a feasibility report leading to a business plan for a new venture. A further 10% exercises-component of the course’s grade is dedicated to at least two updates of the project, which correspond to each of the “One-Page Concept Statement“, and the “One-Minute Elevator Pitch“.

As for this “Business Plan Term Proejct”, you may explore either (a) an original new venture idea, or (b) a new business opportunity for an existing organization (a new product/service) which would lead to a new business unit. The plan will include all phases of the new start-up, from recognizing the idea, concept background, qualifying the idea to a business opportunity, delivering the product or service, marketing, financing/financials and human resources, up to future growth and exit strategies. Work will be in teams of 3 students per team, unless otherwise agreed in class, where functional roles assumed by each team member must be clearly identified. Each member’s individual contribution towards the overall cooperative work will have to be obvious and evident in preparing the business plan. Two submissions are included in this project:

1) A written report to be delivered in class as a hard copy, and uploaded as a soft copy through this assignment’s link.

2) 10-15 minute PowerPoint Presentation in class. A soft copy of your presentation kindly needs to be uploaded as well through this assignment’s link.

Attached I send you the Business Plan outline that you kindly need to follow in your project.

Good luck and kind regards,

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