BUS 6611 SWOT Analysis and how will COVID-19 impact

Students will individually complete a detailed analysis of how factors related to COVID-19 have or will impact the company that their group chooses (The Home Depot ) for the course project. This analysis will be a minimum of 6 pages double-spaced, size 12 font, etc.

Please do the following:

Watch the SWOT Analysis Lecture created by Dr. Morrison a Troy University instructor.

Complete the SWOT analysis for your company (if you have assigned this to a specific student in your team they can share this with you.) This is the only work that can be done as a group for this individual assignment. The first page of what you turn in should be this analysis. A correct SWOT analysis is vital to doing well on the group project and on this assignment.

Individually answer the following questions (as they apply) for the group project company keeping in mind the SWOT analysis completed and how the questions relate to the SWOT. These questions are a starting point, feel free to add your own insights specific to your company.


How will COVID-19 impact the industry overall?

With massive layoffs, reductions in income, etc., will customers have less discretionary income to spend on entertainment and/or products?

What happens to consumer spending for products offered by the company when there is a lot of uncertainty, fear etc. in the environment?

Company Specific:

Discuss strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the pandemic

Are the products and services offered by the company considered essential?

See https://www.huffpost.com/entry/what-are-essential-services-jobs_l_5e74eaacc5b6f5b7c543370c (Links to an external site.)

What has the company done to mitigate the limitations of the pandemic (e.g. Disney is releasing movies meant to be in theaters for in home purchase).

Will there be a disruption in supply to the company, e.g. component parts manufactured in other countries?

Human Resources:

Can their employees work from home?

What has the company done to protect their employees… and customers for that matter?

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Is the company going above and beyond with donations to healthcare, special hours for at risk customers, CEO pay cut, manufacturing PPE or ventilators, etc.

Is the company coming under fire for how they are reacting to the pandemic and or treating their employees?

Are there companies in the same industry who are doing a better job at responding?

Please be sure to include citations!

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