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hello i need help with my assignment i already have the fairy tale done(1100 words) and the essay done(1240 words) i will be attaching them and i just need help to substantially revise each of them in a creative way you could do for the fairy tale: dialog pictures or whatever , for the essay you can try to shorten it or whatever it dose not matter how long or how short the work would be it just have to be understandable and not missing the point and i also need help with a reflective essay a 550-750 words is enough

the assignment:

A)Two substantial revision.

1- Take your fairy tale and re-envision the story.

2- Take tour essay and rework it in a new way. “Substantial” means just that—clear evidence of re-envisioning (not simply correcting errors). This is a chance to move things around, structurally, to see what changes. Take risks. try to be creative

Think outside the box. You can be as creative as you want. What would you do differently now? Try. Aim big. Even a failure gives you something to write about.

B) a brief, reflective essay in which you discuss your writing using the two essays you revised as a focus. You do not have to quote them, but you should refer to them in your essay, as support. No word count. When you are done, you are done.


  1. your writing as evidenced by your showcased work—the revision, the changes you made throughout the drafts, and what you think about the final changes and the process of writing;
  2. your strengths and weaknesses as a writer;
  3. your learning about writing in general and your own writing;
  4. your plans for continuing growth; and
  5. nothing else. (Do not mention the class, the textbook, the course, or me.)

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