Applied decisions methods research proposal

GBA 334

Group Project



The Decision Models term project is fairly flexible in terms of the types of projects that are acceptable.

You may come up with your ow

n project topic or choose from the

list of



. In either case,


project topic must be approved by the professor. Each group is expected to prepare a full report that


s all areas noted



At the discretion of the instructor, this may include (a) make a short

PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to the class

reporting on their

project (18 minutes including Q&A), or (b)

writing a paper.

Either way that is chosen, each group must submit files containing all of the project

related materials (e.g.


Excel files, PowerPoint presentation files, Word files

, etc.


Sample topics include:

Conduct an analysis of a


decision problem (personal or managerial) that you are familiar


An analysis of an important decision problem (again,


) “in the public domain”.

An experiment involving decision making and decis


analytic tools.

Group Selection


Students will form into groups of 4 or 5 and notify

the instructor

via course e


the names of the group members

no later than Sun

day 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 2




Submit a Research Proposal for

instructor approval that includes your main variables, any

control variables, how they are labeled, what your value ranges are, your specific data source, and

your tentative research question.

Submit the




roposal to your assigned group’s




no later than Sun

day 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module



Possible Project Ideas


How does gas mileage depend on the [blank] of the vehicle? [Blank] could be weight, engine size,

seating capacity, size (e.g. compact, sub

compact, SUV), etc. There should be multiple predictor

variables included.

How does the gender distribution of grocer store customers depend on [blank]? Here, [blank]could be the day of the week, the time of day, the location of the store, etc.

Is there a relationship between [physical measurement] and [sports performance]. The [physical

measurement] could be hand s

pan, length of inseam, length of foot, etc. The [sports

performance] could be free throw percentage, time for 50m sprint, etc.

Does [measurement] depend on the area of town? The [measurement] could be the average

street width, the distance between fire hy

drants, the width of the yard between the curb and the

sidewalk, etc.

Can [statistic] predict [outcome]? Statistic can be virtually any published statistic for any

professional or amateur sport. Outcome can be wins, playoff appearances, title game


rance, championships, etc.

Are [locations] adequately staffed during peak hours? Using queuing theory, determine if movie

theaters, restaurants, etc. are staffed appropriately.

Does [nutritional content] or other pr

edictor measure(s) of a cereal affect it



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