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Intro to Healthcare Management

Interprofessional Role as a Health Administrator Discussion Prompt Reply to each Peer about their post.

1. Interprofessional Role as a Health Administrator Discussion Reply 1 Dr Powell (Reply from teacherto my post, they asked me a question):

Great post and I agree with your position that, “[c]ollaboration in human services has appeared to enhance tolerant results, for instance, decreasing preventable unfavorable medication reactions, decreasing horribleness and death rates, and upgrading prescription measurements.” Do you have any ideas on how you would train interprofessional teams to enhance the cooperative effort needed in patient care?

Dr. Powell

2.Interprofessional Role as a Health Administrator Discussion Reply 2 Tia Berry:

Hello Class,

Select two departments you foresee yourself interacting with in the role of a health administrator. Explain why you selected these departments.

  • One of the departments I foresee myself interacting with in my role as a health administrator would be health information management or health insurance specialist in either a Clinical practice or Hospital because of my background and current interest in information technology and data entry. I have an AS in Information Technology and a history of implementing job aid templates for faster handling time with data entry. Working in a field where data entry is of extreme importance along with security, would be my ideal career because I would be doing something I love and for people with a purpose.

Explain the importance of learning to collaborate with other professionals.

  • Collaborating with other professionals is important for the patient to receive the best care and for health care professionals to have the necessary information to perform the best care for each patient. It is important because it promotes sharing of knowledge and working towards a common goal to provide the best care for the patient (Vega, MD et al., 2016). Collaborating with other professionals can expand probability of the outcome because more ideas and suggestions are given from different areas of the medical spectrum.

Do you think interprofessional collaboration affects patient outcomes? Why or why not?

  • I believe that interprofessional collaboration affects the patient outcomes in a positive way. “Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is defined as multiple health care workers from different health professionals work together with the patient, families, caregivers, and communities to deliver the best quality care. It is based on the concept that when providers consider each other’s perspective, including that of the patient, they can deliver better care” (Vega, MD et al., 2016). Interprofessional collaboration can mitigate some of the risk associated with transfer of patient’s essential information when patients are handed off.


Vega, MD, C. P., Bernard, A., MS, BSN, & RN-BC. (2016, February 11). Interprofessional collaboration to improve health care: An introduction. Medscape. https://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/857823

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