Answer the questions

1. Referring to the BBC documentary “Thales in the jungle-Margared Mead” and the course lecture of this week, give some examples of the limitations of biology and culture (“it’s answering the question “Are human beings simply the product of their nature or their culture)? – Max. 200 words

2. Reading Log on the story below. Think of these questions: what makes a good story? What are some elements of a strong story? (use VOICES from your Course Presentation as a guide, too). Keep your Reading Log until it’s due.

Reading Log: Write about 100 words, answer the focus questions, use VOICES. Do not write a summary of the story. Note the due date for all the Reading Logs–is in your Course Presentation.

Read: “Three TshakaPesh Dreams” by Samuel Archibald:


Watch IMAGERY & IMAGINATION and the other 2 videos, read and do some of the childhood memory questions–use some of them in your story. Prepare to post parts of your story next week for peer comments. MUST BE 1500-1800 WORDS


-EXAMPLE for the story: Your hero (whatever gender or non-binary/outside cisnormativity), and their obstacles before the climax. This is a basic arc, but there are many others you can google.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with the climax, you can see more here about Of Mice and Men:

This one is for younger people, but I like the simplicity of the Storyboard. I think it’s effective and useful:

If you’re more a Quest/Journey Person, this one is for you:

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Early Thursday evening, mom was in the kitchen making dinner. The smell of tomatoes and oregano wafting towards us, and the fact that she rarely switched up the dinner routine meant it was probably spaghetti. I liked her spaghetti, it was better than almost everything she made, except maybe shepherd’s pie.

I was bored out of my skull sitting on the floor of my room. Maddie sat on the lower bunk of my bed, playing Zelda on my Nintendo 64. She was stuck in the fire dungeon of Mount Doom for the last two days, pushing around giant blocks and getting set on fire by bats. I was further ahead in the game so I got a kick out of watching her character die over and over. As usual, my requests to play got blatantly ignored except for the occasional swat and “NO, Shut-Up!”.

So I stayed put on the carpeted floor, fiddling with the shiny copper coloured key I picked up from our coffee table the other day. I held it up in the evening glow, viewing the metallic mountains in the fading light. As any kid does with most things, I put it in my mouth to see if it tasted as good as it looked. An unwelcome iron-like taste filled my mouth, same as when I decided my pocket change allowance looked appetizing.

I looked around the room, the pale white walls of our rented home reflecting the sunset. The curious face of the wall outlet looked at me, its wide eyes begging to see the cascading mountains in my hands. The key’s copper hills shone, meant to fill those empty eyes. Leaning forward I shared the view with my friend on the wall, followed by an avalanche of energy blasting from my hands to my feet. CONT…


Writing Prompts That Jog Childhood Memories:

  1. Describe one of your earliest childhood memories. How old were you? What bits and pieces can you recall?
  2. Who was your best childhood friend? Write about some of the fun things you used to do together.
  3. Can you remember your mom’s or grandmother’s kitchen? Use sight and smell words to describe it.
  4. Describe the most unusual or memorable place you have lived.
  5. Did you have your own bedroom growing up, or did you share with a sibling? Describe your room.
  6. Were you shy as a child? Bossy? Obnoxious? Describe several of your childhood character traits. How did those qualities show themselves? Are you still that way today?
  7. What childhood memories of your mother and father do you have? Describe a couple of snapshot moments.
  8. Write about a holiday memory. Where did you go? What did you do? What foods do you remember?
  9. Describe your favorite hideaway.
  10. Did you attend a traditional school, or were you educated at home? Describe a school-related memory.
  11. Think of a time when you did something you shouldn’t have done. Describe both the incident and the feelings they created.
  12. Have you ever needed stitches, broken a bone, or been hospitalized? Describe a childhood injury or illness.
  13. Do you have quirky or interesting relatives on your family tree? Describe one or two of them.
  14. Describe your most memorable family vacation. Where did you go? Did something exciting or unusual happen? Did you eat new or unique foods?
  15. Did you grow up with family traditions? Describe one.
  16. Books can be childhood friends. What were some of your favorites? Why were they special?
  17. Describe a game or activity you used to play with a sibling.
  18. What were some of your favorite television shows as a child?
  19. What was your most beloved toy? Describe its shape, appearance, and texture. What feelings come to mind when you think of that toy?
  20. Think of a childhood event that made you feel anxious or scared. Describe both the event itself and the feelings it stirred up.
  21. Write about some sayings, expressions, or advice you heard at home when you were growing up. Who said them? What did they mean? Do you use any of those expressions today?
  22. What are your happiest childhood memories? Describe one event and the feelings associated with it.

4. Reading Log on story: “Cowan” by Kris Bertan: MUST BE 100-150 WORDS

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