4 page Essay on Sex Crime in Mentally ILL


Topic: I chose the rape on the mentally ill

Respond to the following statement about your topic:

1. Define your topic. Define your terms and explain your topic as if the reader does not know anything about your topic.

2. Discuss why this is an important topic to research and understand. Is this important for moral reasons, policy, practice, etc.? Be specific.

3. Discuss prevalence related information for your topic. In other words, how often does it occur? What do the victims look like? What do the offenders look like? Etc.

4. What is the current research related to your topic. In other words, what do we know about this topic based on empirical studies? Limit articles to those found from 2005 or later.

Feel free to add more details but every paper should provide insight into all statements.

Paper Requirements:

While there are no minimum page requirements, I would estimate this paper to be approximately 4-6 double-spaced pages (not counting the cover page or reference page). This paper should not be written in a question-answer format. Make sure you are responding to each of the statements reference above; however, do not restate the questions in your writing. I should be able find each of these items based on the content of what you write. This should be structured as an academic paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure to include headings and subheadings as appropriate. Make sure you transition between your different sections.

The following items must also be met:

  • Margins should be one inch and use a 12 pt font (Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Calibri
  • only).

  • Keep in mind, a good paragraph is 3-8 sentences. The first sentence of the paragraph informs
  • the reader what the main topic of that paragraph is. Refer back to the writing resources online

    for more helpful writing tips.

  • Submit the assignment with a separate cover page that contains your name, date, topic and the
  • class title.

  • Submit a separate reference sheet with any sources you used. You are required to have a
  • minimum of three (3) empirical citations for this paper; however, papers grounded in research tend to do better. By empirical sources, I mean sources that have undergone some sort

    of review process. Those that qualify are books, research articles from peer-reviewed journals, governmental reports, etc. Newspaper articles, the dictionary, website, fact sheets from different organizations, and Wikipedia do not qualify as an academic resource. You can use these sources in your paper, but they do not qualify as a empirical source you are required to have. You can use the articles I have uploaded but I would suggest finding additional resources as well. If you are in doubt, email me. I will let you know if a source qualifies. Not meeting this minimum will result in a deduction. Generally speaking, those who rely heavily on research articles tend to do the best on this assignment.

  • You must include in-text citations.
  • You can have one direct quote in this paper but paraphrase otherwise (with proper APA
  • citation). More than one quote will result in a deduction.

    Paper Review:

    I am happy to review your papers prior to submission. Here are the guidelines for paper reviews:

    1. I will not accept any paper simply via email to review. You must come make yourself available via phone or Skype for your paper to be reviewed. I will accept in person appointments.

    2. I will not review any papers the weekend they are due. I’m often busy on the weekends myself. The sooner you can get the paper to me, the better. This will give you ample time to make changes.


    You will upload the paper to Blazeview. The assignment is due on the date I gave you via email. This information is now located under the content folder on BlazeView. Because everyone has different topics, due dates vary.

    Remember, the assignment will be reviewed using TurnItIn. Make sure you do not plagiarize any part of paper (take the work, words, or an idea of someone else and pass it off as your own). See the syllabus for related penalties for academic dishonesty.

    Writing Resources:

    There are a number of writing resources available online. This includes a checklist for papers, a guide to writing college papers, and a guide to APA citations. Use these resources and/or feel free to ask questions.

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