4-5 page essay

Grading Element

Maximum points possible

Does the paper answer the question posed for the assignment in a logical, well-supported manner?


Is the answer supported by well-researched data, that is properly cited and referenced?


Is the writing clear, concise, and free of grammatical, spelling and format errors?




Case 3: Resource Based View

An important class discussion is that firm resources drive firm strategy in a model known as the resource-based view of the firm.This case assignment is intended to help you begin to explore the resource-based view of the firm in more detail.Your assignment is to use the same company you were assigned for Case Paper 1and identify two (2) resources that are NOT the source of competitive parity.The resources can be the source of competitive disadvantages, temporary advantages, or sustainable advantages.You need to carefully and in full detail explain if and how each resource helps the firm leverage opportunities or negate threats (valuable), if and how the resource is held by only one (1) firm in the industry (rare), if and how the resource is difficult to imitate (barriers to imitation), and if and how the firm is organized to take advantage of the resource in conjunction with other resources (exploited or non-substitutable).Your conclusion should examine each resource’s potential effect on the firm’s ability to generate economic rent going forward.You are not being asked to make projections in the conclusion and you are being asked to evaluate the current strategic status of each resource.

Important notes: Please remember that the question of value and rarity are limited to industry firms.The firms in the industry are listed in the table below.Barriers to imitation are based on one or more of the three barrier mechanisms (unique historical conditions, causal ambiguity, and social complexity) being employed and hard data to support that claim.The question of whether the firm is organized to take advantage of the resource in conjunction with other resources is based on whether the resource can be clearly linked to revenue generation, cost reduction, and/or increased profitability.Please be sure the resources you identify are resources (nouns) and not capabilities (verbs).

Writing Specifics: This paper should be three to five (3-5) pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, one-inch margin on all sides and written at a graduate level.Students should reference “Dr. Bubba’s Writing Guide” on Blackboard.All papers may be submitted to a plagiarism-checking website to ensure authenticity of authorship.

Submission Specifics: All papers should be submitted in Word docx file format.Please include your name on the paper and name the file “Last_Name First_Initial M5355 CASE3”.All papers should be submitted in Word docx file format.The file would be named “Sherman S M5355 CASE3.docx” if I was submitting the paper.The paper is due Friday, October 11, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Assigned Firm

Competitor 1

Competitor 2



















Please find the most recent 10-K (2019) online on either Mergent Online through the library of the firm’s Investor Relations section on its webpage.

Please note that you should limit your comparison to only these three firms, that an industry with only three firms is a small number of firms and the number of firms is limited to help simplify the exercise.

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