​Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son

Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders. Fred Martinez was nádleehí, a male-bodied person with a feminine nature, a special gift according to his ancient Navajo culture. He was one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history when he was brutally murdered at 16. Two Spirits explores the life and death of this boy who was also a girl, and the essentially spiritual nature of gender. The film also tells compelling stories about traditions that were once widespread among the indigenous cultures of North America. The film explores the contemporary lives and history of Native two-spirit people — who combine the traits of both men and women with qualities that are also unique to individuals who express multiple genders.

To watch this film, click each of the parts below and enter the password “edfd999”

  1. https://vimeo.com/33555970
  2. https://vimeo.com/33668796
  3. Then follow the link to the Discussion and post at least 200 words in response to EACH of these questions:
  1. What, if anything, did you learn from this film that you didn’t know before? (What were the most surprising things you learned?)
  2. What, if anything, did you not quite understand, or would like to know more about, or have further questions about?
  3. What in this film, if anything, either confirmed or challenged one or more of your own political, religious, moral, aesthetic, or other value commitments?

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