You are encouraged to share your reflections on this learning and/or application.

This is an opportunity to integrate your faith with your learning, A professional developmental approach can be an additional or alternative approach.

this has to be done for four different topics. Each reflections should have 5-8 lines for each reflection. the pdf should give you an idea of what topic was discussed each week so you have an idea. The PDF’s are labelled by number so you know which one is for which week and since there are four weeks, the one labelled 1 is for week one, the pdf labelled unit 2 is for week to and the others labelled 3 is for week 3 and the one labelled for is for week 4. So for each week you have to write 5- 8 lines and the pdf will give you an idea what topic was done.

week one-This Unit provides an introduction and broad overview to Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) – definition(s), history and context, concepts and principles, as well as its evolving role. It introduces SHRM’s importance at the strategic level of organisations in facilitating the strategic planning and management of the organisation, and strategically leading the HR function across the organisation

week two- This unit expands on the concepts and principles of SHRM from Unit 1. Specifically the following areas will be covered:

  • Strategic Management and Planning
  • HR Planning
  • Application of SHRM
  • Benefits
  • Corporate Strategy and
    • HR Planning
    • Recruitment
    • Learning organisation and Knowledge Workers

    week 3- This Unit explores key elements of SHRM from the level of the organisation, addressing the following topics:

    • Strategic Human Resource Management: an investment perspective
    • Organisation Performance
    • Globalisation

    week 4- This Unit explores key elements of SHRM, specifically elements of its strategic approach to HRM including:

    • Recruitment (core competencies)
    • Performance Management (High Performance Work Systems – HPWS)
    • Training and Development
    • Compensation/Reward management Strategy

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