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Learning Objectives:

Students can write in an understandable, organized, and audience-appropriate fashion to express their ideas, express their feelings, or support a conclusion.

  • Use an audience-centered approach to your writing
  • Organize content logically and provide credible supporting evidence.
  • Create and deliver concise and clear messages to achieve different goals.
  • Incorporate visuals in presentations and documents.

This assignment contains 3 parts:

1) Career Assessment Research

2) Personal Assessment Research

3) Written Report

Career Assessment Research:

For this portion of the assignment, you must choose a potential career and conduct research to familiarize yourself with its inner workings. Your research should include the following:

  • Description of the career
  • Industry analysis
  • Job market analysis
  • Discussion on how one may enter the field
  • Possible paths within the chosen field
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed

Personal Assessment Research:

For this portion of the assignment, you must access/recall the results of one of the assessments that you have taken since you started at University; this may include Traitify, StrengthsFinder, MBTI, or any other personality or skills-related assessment.

In your report, please describe the assessment(s) and consider how your results might contribute to your effectiveness in your chosen field. Include areas where you might need to hone your skills.

Written Report Details:

In addition to including the above research and information in your written report, you must create a report that:

1) Discusses why this career interests you

2) Identifies 2-3 professional SMART goals

3) Discusses your plans for achieving those SMART goals (or at least the first steps toward achieving the goals).

4) Explains how you plan to satisfy the Stetson ELR requirement (business majors) or any experiential learning experience (non business majors).

Format: For this portion of the assignment, you should include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. Follow all APA 7th Edition Guidelines covered in your APA Workshop. Use double-spacing, 1” margins, and New Times Roman 12-point font. Word Count: 1000-1250.

Research: The paper must include at least five credible and recent academic sources. Be sure to use in-text citations.

Reference Page: The reference page should follow APA 7th style.

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