very easy 2 assignments

hello there is two assignments each one does not have to do with the other. but both are very easy. it shouldn’t take you long to do it.

assignment number 1:

Please provide a brief description ( one paragraph ) of the most important aspects of a criminal investigation. If you state any specific facts (statistical information, rates, data, etc.), you are required to provide a reference (in APA format) to your source, and include your source (in APA format) at the end of your post. All students must use at least one reference to an academic source (journal article, government or research report, book, etc.) in this post.

If you have any questions about this assignment, please email me for clarification.

assignment number 2:

Please follow the below instructions for the Introduction assignment:

Choose a general topic relating to criminal investigations in the United States (US).

Within that general topic, choose a specific aspect of that topic.

Your submission will be one paragraph.

The first sentence will be a thesis statement:

  • For example: This paper will examine [general topic], with a focus on [specific topic].

The next 2-4 sentences will provide statements that express the importance of your topic (both general and specific) to criminal investigations in the US.

  • Each sentence must be a clear and concise – overly general statements will not be acceptable.

The last sentence will provide a methodology statement describing the types of sources employed in your research.

  • For example: This paper will use [journal articles, books, and government reports] in conducting research on this topic.
  • The types of sources must be consistent with the sources that you have already identified in your references (below).

At the end of your above paragraph, under a heading of “References”, provide 3 academic sources related to your topic in APA format (single spaced & hanging format)

  • You do not have to read the entirety of any of the sources.
  • However, you should read the introduction/abstract to ensure the source is related to your topic.

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