Sociology. family history

Instructions for Paper 1:

Looking at your own family history (it can be any time in your life), identify a key decision point or event that shaped your family life in the years that followed. Using your sociological imagination, and what you know from the readings, relocate that turning point to a different historical moment and consider how the events and decisions that followed would have been different.

Some questions to keep in mind:

  1. What were the general characteristics of families during the time period in which your key decision point or event took place?
  2. What were the general characteristics of families during the alternative time period you chose?
  3. How would your event or decision look different in the alternative time period?
  4. What role did the market and the state play in each of the scenarios you described?


You should use readings from class (book and articles) and cite accordingly. If you want to reference other academic sources in your paper, you may, but this paper is primarily to help me understand if you comprehend the readings. Therefore outside sources should never replace the required readings.

This reflection paper is due Sunday, March 1st at 10PM Central Time.

This paper should be double-spaced, in 12 point font with 1-inch margins.

Your paper should be at least 1,000 words. Include a separate cover page with your name, course, paper title, and word count.

You must cite your sources(any format is fine).

I will subtract 20% for not following formatting instructions.In other words, do not change the margins, and do not forget the cover page with the word count!

Please consult the grading rubric in the “Resources” folder for full information on how this paper will be graded.

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