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respond to 2 classmates

respond to 2 classmates

1.Having worked for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), I did enjoy the many benefits that came along with it. Yes this was within the last couple of years and as far as I know it these seamed to be no more corruption. So I think. We all know that it has not always been that way. In the 50’s 60’s and the 70’s the Mafia has their strong hands around many unions including the (IBT). One of the biggest unions to this date. The Mafia had many key people playing in roles of union officials. Negotiating for the members and demanding higher union dues. The Mafia started to take out loans to fund businesses in and buildings in Nevada mainly casinos. Some of with are still standing today. They took out the loans with no intention of every paying them back. So they never did. When the the Head president at the time was Jimmy Hoffa, and when he tried to take back control of the (IBT) he was murdered. So we think. I mean its been so many years later and still no one knows what happened to him. So the connection between this labor union and this OC group have very strong ties to each other and you can say shaped the desert of Nevada to what we all have come to know is Las Vegas.

2.Hello Everyone,

Organized crime and cyber-crime has become more prominent. In fact, hackers are not all domestic. Hackers come from all different countries and interface on various mediums to select targets usually in an organized scheme. Some hackers work for governments and some work for pay. Depending on the type of “hat” a hacker wears it can either be for the right reasons or the wrong reasons as to why they hack and where they hack. The right reasons are usually when companies pay for their own systems to be hacked. The wrong ones are for usually stealing data or commandeering systems. Hackers utilize different methods to target weak systems, often systems that support much more guarded ones. Hacking comes in different forms and is not only through the use of the Internet; albeit, the Internet is one of the more common ways to hack.

(Anyone) What are some examples of large-scale hacking attacks? In what ways are these associated with organized crime?