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RESEARCH PROJECT: Three Archives Reports

RESEARCH PROJECT: Three Archives Reports

Please save your Three Archives Reports as a Google Doc (using the template I provide below). Put them in our shared Google folder, under Assignments, Project #3

  • My own example of writing on “Three Archives” is here. (Links to an external site.) Use it as a template by “saving a copy” to your Google Drive and fill in the areas with your own info. I thought it would be a good idea to literally do what I’m asking you to do, so you feel like you know what I expect. It is not an academic paper, although it directly relates to my research and interests as an artist. That is how I’m hoping you approach it as well — as a thoughtful, observant, smart, and creative person. If you are using existing information found online, cite your sources or use quotations around text that was authored by others.

1. Your Campus Archive will be randomly chosen. From there, treat it like a treasure hunt: the goal is to get access to as many interesting things as possible, and see things in person as well as online. Get something pulled from a collection so you can look directly at it, and let us know what makes this archive unusual and unexpected. Similar to the idea of wandering, discovering, or getting lost in a forest, you are not necessarily looking for a predetermined item or topic, but literally rummaging through an archive to pull something forward. Archivists save and catalog things in order for future generations to uncover something important.

  • The Jepson Herbaria

2. Your Artist Archive is assigned:

  • Mobile Museum of American Artifacts (Laurelin Kruse)

3. Your “Alternative” Archive/Library/Collection: You choose! You will find an existing archive anywhere in the world (online or in real life) that challenges the traditional notion of how an archive or collection functions. This is not an “artwork” per se, but an idiosyncratic or unusual archive.