Research and write a fifteen-hundred-word essay on a pseudo-science.

Please read the instruction carefullyA

Students are required to submit a fifteen-hundred-word research paper as part of their final mark for this course. )

This paper must conform to the MLA Style of citation and presentation .

Students are required to cite at least five (5) sources for this paper. They are, however, certainly permitted to use more than five sources. Each of the five sources must be cited within the body of the paper at least once and must appear in the list of references for the paper. Both the in-text citations and the works cited list entry for all the sources for the paper must be presented in MLA Style.


Sources for this research paper are broken down as follows:

Students must cite from at least two(2) separate journal articles in their paper.

There are several journals in the University of Winnipeg library that will be useful

for papers in this class. The library has databases that allow students to conduct

journal searches and many of the journals carried by the university library have

the benefit of allowing students to download the complete journal article.

Students must cite from at least one (1) book in their paper. Try to avoid uses

books from before the year 1990. The information in a book from before this time

might not be as up-to-date as you would find in a more resent publication.

However, there could be older publications that could contain seminal

information on your chosen topic, so be cognizant of this fact.

The remaining two sources can be made up of books, journal articles, or even

magazine articles. However, students must remember this important rule when

considering these two remaining sources:

oThe Internet is generally not considered an appropriate source for an

academic research paper. However, I do recognize that some topics

may be well served by online sources such as blogs. If students want to

use an online source, they must discuss it with me before they go on to

use it in their paper

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