reread paper and revise

Ask yourself the following questions as you reread your draft, and then mark “MM” where you think your argumentation could be improved by the use of a multi-modal source. Then work on finding the appropriate sources to include your next draft:

  1. Where can I improve my argumentation by using the persuasive force of a graph, image, video clip, social media image, or sound recording?
  1. What are the features of the significant social/political/cultural problem that multi-modal sources show better than the scholarly sources I’ve quoted? (This question was inspired by a discussion with Eric Peterson.)
  1. Which spots in my draft seem like really promising places for me to make an emotional appeal to my audience, and what kind of multi-modal image could I use in those spots?
  1. Which spots in my draft could use a chart or graph that shows a trajectory or a disparity my words and my scholarly sources’ words aren’t showing in such a forceful way?
  1. Where would be a good place for a series of multi-modal images to make an argument on their own, maybe by contrasting with each other, or maybe by showing a pattern of evidence of the problem I’m studying?
  1. As I look over the series of all of my multi-modal sources without reading the corresponding text of my draft, what argument are the multi-modal sources making on their own? (The previous question was inspired by a worksheet by Pragya Trivedi.) Is there a way I could improve the quality of that argument by using a wider variety of multi-modal sources?

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