Reflective Paper


The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore your personal worldview and its impact on your professional social work practice.

A personal paradigm or worldview is a statement about how each individual considers people and the environment in which he or she lives. It is a composite of values—ideas about how things should be, and theories—explanations about why things are the way they are. It is important to understand one’s own personal paradigm because it influences all future learning and shapes how you practice. Therefore, self-awareness is an important element of this assignment.


1. Carefully review the questions below

2. Review the notes you made in class during the values exercise class you participated in

3. As you review each question, write notes on what stands out and what you would like to include in your response

4. Write a 4-6 page, essay/reflection paper and address every question below:

With regards to you personally:

1. What values are most important to you? (worth 10)

2. Where did these values come from? (worth 10)

a. Parents?

b. Life experiences?

c. Peers?

d. Mentors?

3. How have these values influenced your life in other ways? Give examples (worth 10)

4. What attitudes, beliefs, or knowledge do you use to explain the world and human behavior? (worth 20)

5. What do you believe are the causes of individual and/or societal problems? (worth 10)

6. What is your perspective about change? (worth 10)

7. How have the lenses of privilege and of oppression influenced your life? This is a primary

question that requires a significant amount of reflection in the paper as it is core to the assignment (worth 20)

With regards to the Social Work profession:

  1. What values and biases do you bring to your attitudes regarding social work? (worth 20)
  2. In what ways do your intersecting identities (class, race, age, gender, etc.) influence your perceptions of social problems and solutions? (worth 15)

Please note:

1. This assignment does not require references to the literature; however, feel free to cite references you feel

are essential to demonstrate your views;

2. Reflection, organization, and coherence will be assessed as a demonstration of critical thinking;

3. Proofread your paper before you submit it and follow APA style;

4. Grammar and punctuation errors will impact your final grade

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