Reflection paper .

What is Exegesis and Hermeneutics?

Exegesis as defined in your text book pg. 70

Is a scholarly study of the bible with particular text and with certain methods or tools in which to academically study the work. A narrowing in on a text


Is a philosophical understanding of the interpretation.

What is the goal of interpretation?

What makes these authoritative?

So, Exegesis is the how and hermeneutics is the why? And understanding yourself coming to the text?

What is our hermeneutical lens or

What is our goal in interpreting?

Methods: Biblical Criticism

Text- comparing manuscripts available to find the most reliable reading of the document when there is no original.

Archaeology – study of human history through study of artifacts, and physical remains

Sociological- social science to study unique characterization of the times in which the text was written

Cultural anthropology- a study of the text cultural by studying others as well

Historical- general study of the time it was written

Source- study of the matter that contributed to the formation of the text

Form- what is the genre, the purpose of the text

Redaction- what is missing, or has been edited out, why

Narrative -use modern literary analysis to study the effects the text might have on its readers



Ideological- how might the text be heard and used from a certain perspective

Deconstruction – subjective criteria and not on any intrinsic claims

-A tool is used to unlock a question of the text. The text is like a diamond with many faces and one tool may help view one side yet not the whole.

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