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Please do a business paln for Vaporjolley a dual chamber vape pen

Business plan for vape pen called VAPORJOLLY

many people are using e-cigarettes and vape pen, instead of smoking
tobacco-filled cigarettes. A battery-powered heating element is used
to heat the liquid containing nicotine, which is in a separate chamber,
and the resulting vapor is inhaled. There are many different flavors of
nicotine liquids available for use in vaping pens, and consumers enjoy
trying out different flavors. Unfortunately, these pens have a single
chamber for the liquid, which limits smokers’ ability to switch from one
flavor to another. Being a creative problem solver, Turjaley Pantoe
has designed an e-pen with two chambers, so users will be able to change
the flavor easily, and without having to replace the liquid-filled
chamber on their pens.

What is the Concept?

name of the concept the inventor has chosen is Vaporjolly,although he
is open to the possibility of a name change and reserves final approval
regarding the official name. Branding is important, of course, but the
concept is the official foundation for the invention and any
forthcoming applications of the invention.

concept Mr. Pantoe has envisioned is an e-pen with dual chambers, which
can be rotated on an axis, like a revolver. User will be able to
rotate a chamber filled with a different flavor of liquid into position
to be heated and vaporized without having to remove the existing chamber
in order to replace it. A more detailed explanation of the
functionality of this invention will be elaborated upon in the following

How Does it Work?

Pantoe has been designing and documenting this concept for quite some
time. He has several “mock-up” drawings of the product, which have
provided the inventor with a sense of how the concept will appear once
brought into production. This has been a beneficial process for making
necessary modifications and revisions for improvements; thus promoting a
more satisfactory and overall accommodating product.

currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the
invention has unique features not presently available in the
marketplace. Although it has not yet been engineered and is still in
the 3-D developmental stages, the following provides a more detailed an
explanation of its functionality:

is designed to provide those who use e-cigarettes and e-pens with a
convenient way to change the flavor of the liquid they are smoking. The
chamber, containing the nicotine liquid, is positioned between the
mouthpiece and the heating element, and the vapor is released into the
mouthpiece when the chamber is heated. This pen has two chambers for
the nicotine liquid, which can be rotated separately into position
between the mouthpiece and the heating element. Users will be able to
fill the two chambers with different flavors of liquid and switch
between the flavors whenever they wish. Organic cotton will be used
because it allows for faster wicking. It will lasts longer in terms of
coil, and it can handle lower ohm resistances when making sub-ohm coils
(typically .9- .1 ohms resistance). When making sub-ohm coils, at least
one of the tanks should have massive airflow slots to accommodate the
lower resistant coil and heat that it will give off. When using a tank
for a sub ohm, the inventor recommends using a shorter and wider
chimney, which will allow for a more intense flavor and denser vapor

What Problem(s) Does it Solve?

The unique features of this product will provide the following benefits for consumers everywhere:

• A convenient way for those who smoke e-cigarettes to enjoy the variety of available flavors

• Will allow users to fill the dual chambers with two different flavors of nicotine liquid

One filled chamber is positioned between the mouthpiece and the heating
element, and it can be replaced easily by the second chamber

• The chambers rotate in and out of position, like the bullet chambers of a revolver

• The mouth piece is replaceable, so there were be no aftertaste when changing to a different flavor

• The temperature is adjustable from 200W to 300W.

• Organic cotton will be healthier than using silica wicking

Possible Material(s) for Construction

cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on the quantity
manufactured and the buyer/licensee of this idea. An introductory
retail price and sustaining price will be determined by the quantity
manufactured, the actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods
used, and packaging materials employed by the buyer/licensee. The
inventor understands that company feedback, especially from
knowledgeable sources, is a great way to improve the product for future
market potential.


Pantoe envisions his product appealing to multitudes of consumers who
smoke e-cigarettes. Today’s society is always seeking new ways to make
our lives more convenient, and this is precisely why this product is
being developed. It provides a very convenient way for smokers to enjoy
a variety of different flavored nicotine-filled liquids, which are
available on the market. They will be able to switch back and forth
between two flavors when the dual chambers are filled with different

markets are extensive for an innovative product like Vaporjolly, as
consumers everywhere will appreciate the benefits and convenience of
using this product. This product should be available wherever vapor
cigarettes, pens and supplies are sold. The Internet provides an
additional platform for the advertising and marketing of this innovative
product with many retail sites as well as sites for informative videos
and blogs.

Pantoe wishes to leave the market open for subsequent variances and
possibilities that could improve the feasibility and marketability of
this product.

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