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Philosophy Question

Prompt: One important question is “what is it to be human?” What is Dick’s answer to this question? How are androids and humans contrasted in this novel, and to what purpose? Is his view of human nature inherently negative, positive, mixed, or ambiguous? Can you apply any theories or ideas about human nature found in any of our other texts in this class to any of the issues that you see raised in the novel?

5 paragraph essay- double spaced

Book Link:…

Other Texts In the class:

Scharff and Dusek, Philosophy of Technology(WileyBlackwell, 2014; Second Edition)

Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focussed Life in a Noisy World(any edition)

*Be sure to include at least three quotes total, one of which should be from a different text we’ve read apart from the novel*

For citation from the novel, use this format: (Dick, 110)

For citation from our text, use this format: (Author, 493)

No bibliography required

Philosophy 140 Midterm Essay Grading Rubric

Introduction and Conclusion

______ Introduction (0 – 5): Does the introduction contain a specific, underlined thesis statement (the claim you intend to prove)? How well does the first paragraph introduce your topic and the issue in question? Is your introduction within five sentences?

______ Conclusion (0 – 5): How well did you state what you have accomplished in your essay? Do you convey the wider ramifications? Is your conclusion within five sentences?

Supportive Body Paragraphs

______ (0 – 30) How well did you explain and support your ideas? Did you apply any ideas or concepts from our class materials to the novel? Did you define relevant key terms? Does your writing exemplify understanding of both the key concepts you are discussing from the novel, in addition to what you chose from other class materials? Is your writing factually accurate? Do you demonstrate mastery of the materials you choose to discuss? Are the quotes you use relevant to your discussion?

Composition and Mechanics

______ Composition, Spelling, and Grammar (0 – 5): Is your language clear and precise college-level writing? Are you using correct terminology? Did you proofread your essay carefully? Are the ideas in your essay logically ordered?

______ Mechanics (0 – 5): Did you draw upon ideas from at least one other author from the class? Did you use parenthetical citation and cite your sources? Did you employ at least three quotes total? Is your essay in 12 point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins?

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