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Instructions are below and materials are uploaded

Jackson Ballet Arts is the non-profit organization that my group and I are working on. I am responsible for writing the SWOT Analysis, Objectives, and Customer Analysis, and Selection of Target Market of the paper. I have completed the SWOT Analysis and will upload it so you can see it. The final project will consist of your team collectively preparing a written marketing plan and Powerpoint presentation for the non-profit organization based on the business/marketing problem shared by the senior leadership team (which is how to recruit more children, volunteers, get good people on the board/committee, and how to bring in more money to the Jackson Ballet Arts). I have uploaded several materials including a few events/fundraisers held by the Jackson Ballet Arts. The Nutcracker is their biggest fundraiser event and is the longest running in Tennessee. I have also uploaded some answers to questions that were asked to the committee. I was thinking that a good fundraiser event for them would be a dancing with the stars: Kids edition. That could bring a lot of donors.

I am also uploading the goals the group have came up with. The objectives should be a reflection of the goals for Ballet Arts. This need to be written out as objectives (bullet points). This can be added to the Marketing Goals and Objectives uploaded document.

The Objectives, Customer Analysis, and Selection of Target Market are also my responsibility. With this I have spoken to families that have a child or children in dance. An example of a Customer Analysis of Target Market should be in the example sample marketing plan that is uploaded. I believe that the Target Market should not only be limited to Jackson but the surrounding county’s as well. Local businesses and churches??

I am also uploading a sample marketing plan. (This is only an example)

Here is their website. This will be helpful in knowing about the Jackson Ballet Arts:

Here is a YouTube link of a new fundraiser event held by the Jackson Ballet:

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