History Essay

Read each question and follow the instructions provided. Do not write on this sheet. Answer the question fully and do not forget to provide examples.

Your answer must be typed, double-spaced with standard (1” or 1.5”) margins. No large fonts please. A size 11 or 12 font will due nicely. Please avoid fancy fonts also. Number your pages. Write in good, correct English, don’t use slang or try to use “high fallutin” language. Proofread carefully. If yur papper is knot redable than I won’t be able ti understnat you. Do not rely on “spell checker” to proofread your work for you. If you use “two” instead of “to”, the spellchecker will not notice it, but I will.

ESSAYS – (choose ONE of three)

1. Explain how the English Reformation grew throughout the sixteenth century from its

beginnings with Henry VIII to England becoming a Protestant country under Elizabeth I. Why did Henry VIII break from the Church of Rome? What impact did the respective reigns of Edward and then Mary have on the reformation in England? Why did Elizabeth have to be a Protestant queen? Be sure to point out which kind of Protestantism became popular in England. Be sure to illustrate your answer with specific examples.

2. Describe Martin Luther and his reformation. How did Luther come to his idea of Justification by Faith? Was his original idea compatible with church theology? Describe how he unwittingly started the Protestant Reformation. What factors were involved? Why was he successful? Be sure to illustrate your answer with examples.

3. One of the greatest crazes of the 1780s was Mesmerism, a pseudo-Scientific treatment for illnesses espoused by Franz Anton Mesmer. What was Mesmer’s definition of animal magnetism and how did it cure people of their ills? How did the Royal Commission, led by Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier, debunk Mesmerism using the tools of experimentation? In other words, explain in detail the scientific methods they used. Be sure to support your answer with specific examples.

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