Global Current Events Assignment

I have formatted the assignment to be how it is required so please do not make changes to that, but do read the requirements to have knowledge of what is expected. I started writing the first one to give an example of how I want it to be, but I need someone to finish the rest. The questions and the assignment are both attached. Thank you.

Original Requirements:

you have to answer some questions and write short summary about the event. each event have the same questions.

The three events are to be organized into a single Microsoft Word document. Each event

within the assignment is to begin on a new page in the document.

all of them talk about one country ( TURKEY )

Current event 1: Wikipedia Ban Ends in Turkey on January 2020.

Current event 2: Turkey plane: Three dead, 180 hurt as jet skids off runway in Istanbul, February 2020.

Current event 3: Turkey’s former goalkeeper Rustu Recber in hospital with coronavirus, March 2020.


1) The articles for the current events must be reliable, reputable, and accessible to the

professor without a paid subscription. (Hint: Wikipedia, TMZ, BuzzFeed News, and

celebrity twitter accounts are NOT considered reliable or reputable.)

2) Document/save the articles’ weblinks from credible sources for each event for inclusion in

the assignment.

3) Document formatting requirements: Single space the entire document (Microsoft Word is

not set to single spacing. Students are to override the factory settings.), 1-inch margins on

all sides (All lines should begin at the margin. Be careful, as Microsoft Word automatically

indents auto-formatted numbers or letters. Students are to override these settings.), Calibri,

Times New Roman, or Arial font, page numbers on the bottom right corner of all pages, do

not indent the first line of any paragraph

4) Blank, single-spaced lines are to be provided between the following: the last line of the

student header and the event title on the first page, the event title and event summary, the

event summary and question a, all questions/responses, responses/next question, and last

question and the weblinks.

5) The first page of the document (and only the first page) is to have a student header (single-

spaced, left justified, 12-point font) with the following information:

Student name

Global Current Events Assignment: Student’s assigned country

MGT 461 001, Spring 2020

6) Each event’s section is to have a title (centered, bold, 14-point font). The title should

include the date of the event. If a specific date is not available, the month is acceptable.

7) Each event’s section is to begin with a 100-150-word summary of the event (header for the

summary is to be: Summary, the entire summary including the header is to be left justified,

12-point font, single-spaced).

8) Each event’s section is to include the following questions (a-g). Questions must be

included before the response (left justified, 12-point font, single-spaced, one blank line

between each question/response, response/next question, and response to g and the

weblinks that follow).

9) Following the response to question g (either i or ii) for each event, students are to provide

direct weblinks for online access to at least 1 article related to the event discussed.

(Hyperlink the weblink, left justified, 12-point font, single-spaced). Students must include

weblinks for all sources used in the assignment. This includes sources in which direct

quotes, ideas, visual images, graphs, tables, figures, photographs, etc. are used in the

assignment. Weblinks are to be hyperlinked directly to the articles and no paid subscription

is needed in order to access the article. No citations or references are needed for the

information obtained from the weblinks provided. (This means there will be no citations or

references, works cited, or bibliography for the sources used – the weblinks are sufficient

for this assignment.)

10) Length: appropriate in fulfilling the stated requirements. Avoid minimal responses to

questions; include elaboration of points. Avoid excessive length through fluff, such as

repeating points, added spacing, adjusted margins, and overuse of visual images, graphs,

tables, and figures.

11) Opinions must be grounded by some evidence, theory, previous case, or other factual


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