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Q) What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks).


Wireless network security:

Wireless network security will be one noteworthy concern we consider as a major aspect of remote information correspondence. All in all ,A remote correspondence occurs with a modem interfacing with a switch, flag being transmitted and accessible to the gadgets inside a range. wireless security can be enhanced by following techniques encryption of system , constraining the entrance to the system, enhance the switch’s security. Data should be scrambled while sending over the remote systems to abstain from hacking from the assailants. While information encryption has be considered as the most secured method for ensuring the information. Wifi ensured get to (WAP) and wired proportionate security (WEP) are considered as the two sorts of encryption. WAP2 is the better choice over WEP to secure the present switches . Enabling specific gadgets to have the system get to. In view of MAC address switch gives the entrance to the gadgets. Switches security is additionally imperative to ensure organize. Changing the name and secret word of the switch , crippling the switch administration highlights , Updating the switch, utilizing the solid passwords , ensuring the cell phones utilizing the system can enhance the wireless security.

Pros and cons of Wireless application protocol:

Advantages of WAP are

1.Access and accessibility: Accessing the link less system from anyplace.

2. Adaptability: Accessing the workplaces systems and the information through telecommuting.

3. Expanded effectiveness: Faster information exchange inside clients and the business.

4. New open doors : One among the administrations gave by remote system are hotspot wifi.

Disadvantages of WAP are

1. Security issues: Easy to assault by the programmers.

2. Establishment issues : Poor correspondence and loss of information can happen if more individuals utilize a similar remote innovation.

3. scope and transmission speed: With low flags scope can be poor in couple of structures, with less transmission speed.


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