flexsim software – Study a real life operating system and map its process flow. 30 slides powerpoint only

Need to use flexsim software and refer to my initial proposal and question in the picture or in words file.

I attached the powerpoint sample for you.

Company is NTUC fairprice supermarket : https://www.fairprice.com.sg/webapp/wcs/stores/ser…

to use the concepts of Korea virtual supermarket at train station platform while passenger waiting for train.

Project: 1 Objective To enhance students understanding of
the concepts and principles of system modelling and simulation through:

§ Study a real life
operating system and map its process flow.

Understand the system resource requirement, schedules, capacity, and locations.

§ Identify process activity
locations and their routing.

Collection and analysis of data on inter-arrival times for flow items, process
times, downtimes, maintenance times, rework times or any activity times
whenever applicable. §
Construction of system model on Flexsim, verification and validation.

§ Adding necessary and
appropriate animation for visual enhancement, tracking entity flow and
statistical information.

Optimise current model to improve it performance through resource relocation,
rescheduling and entity/process routing.

2 Instruction. · You are required to identify a
suitable system, either from service or manufacturing sector, with reasonable
complexity to model and simulate. ·
You are required to submit the powerpoint presentation slides and present the
project in week 18. Late submission of project will be penalized.

Important note: Any project initiated must have at least an
objective to improve the existing process (e.g. optimize resource utilization,
minimize waiting/queuing time, reduction of cycle time, cost saving, service
level improvement, etc.). Able to model an existing system or a process is not
your primary objective. Property of TP, Copyright © Page 2 of 2 Suggested
Systems to Model §
Supply chain management. §
Banking or finance system (or sub system) of a small branch of a major
establishment. §
Restaurant or café services. §
Entertainment outlets (game arcades, theme parks, cinemas.etc.) § 4D/Toto outlets. (these
are less challenging) §
Any of the food stores in any of the TP canteens. Assuming there are only ten
4- seater tables and ten 2-seater tables are available. § Any manufacturing process, e.g.
food, textile, hardware, software, you can access to. § ………..

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