Essay with no outside sources.

Please answer one of the following questions in a concise but learned essay of three or four double-spaced pages, typed in a twelve-point font. There is no single “correct” answer to any of the questions, but you should show that you have read carefully and thought independently about the material, and have also considered relevant points that were made in class. Support your generalizations with specific examples drawn from the readings and from class, making sure not to limit yourself to passages I discussed in class. You should also feel free to cite songs, visual images, and any other resources that were presented in class. All PowerPoint presentations and songs used in class are available on Canvas. Please number your pages, and do not re-type the question onto your paper; use the question numbers to indicate which question you are answering.

In such a short paper, I don’t expect you to say everything that could be said about these questions. Rather, you should choose a question, break it down into its component parts, review the course materials with an eye out for relevant ideas and examples, and decide exactly what you think about the question. Then present your argument in clear, well-wrought, grammatical prose, and support it with a few well-chosen examples.

If you should quote from one of the assigned sources, you need not include a formal footnote; just note the author and page number in parentheses after the quotation, like this (Sumner, 368). Remember that whenever you use another writer’s language, you must put that language in quotation marks and give proper credit. I do not expect, nor do I recommend, that you use any outside sources for this paper. But if you have a compelling reason for doing so, then you must fully credit and document that source in a footnote or endnote. For other matters of grammar and mechanics, see the “Notes on Writing” posted under Essay Assignments, and also under Syllabus and Policies, on Canvas. I will refer to the numbered items on this document when grading your paper. I have also posted a PDF of this assignment under Essay Assignments, in case you would prefer to download it in that format.

An electronic copy of your paper will be due on Canvas by 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, January 30. Please submit your paper as a Word document—not in Pages or as a PDF. All written assignments for this course will be checked for originality by

1. Imagine a discussion between William Graham Sumner, A. A. Stevens, and Theodore Roosevelt about the merits of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan of the Apes. How might each man respond to the ideas and images embedded in Burroughs’s story, and to the great popularity it attained?

Use a quote from: 2.

William Graham Sumner, “What Our Boys are Reading”, A. A. Stevens, “The Way to Larger Culture,” Theodore Roosevelt, “The Strenuous Life,”

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