Discussion Question

  • Use course readings, lectures, and online resources (if applicable) to support your ideas.
  • Brooks, J. B. (2013). The process of parenting. New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Tsabary, S. (2014). Out of Control: Why Disciplining your Child doesnt Work–and What Will. Vancouver, Canada: Namaste Publishing.
  • DBQ – This Discussion focuses on reflecting on your reading of the Tsabary text. Importantly, how students felt about the book as a whole will not affect their score on this Discussion Question, and students are expected to respect the diversity of opinions and beliefs of their peers when responding.
  • Using your Syllabus as a guide, take a look at the required sections of Out of Control each Week of the course.
  • Reviews for Out of Control range from a “must-read for all parents” to a “condescending tone and impractical advice”.
  • Where do you stand on this spectrum, and why? Now that you’ve nearly completed this course reviewing research on parenting, are there particular aspects of your own experience as a child (or also as a parent yourself) that you think contribute to where you fall on this spectrum?
  • Would you recommend this book for friends or family members? Why or why not?
  • Using your Syllabus, choose 5 weekly required Tsabary readings from different weeks to revisit for this Discussion Forum that represent sections that really stuck with you (for good or bad), or really made you critically evaluate the process of parenting as a process of connecting with another human being–one’s own child.
    • My Selected 5 Section
    • Ch.5 Module 1- How Reusing our children teaches irresponsible
    • Ch.11 Module 2- A Strong child lives Here (see attachment ch. 3, 4 Brooks)
    • Ch.18 Module 4- What to do when your child shouts you out (see attachment Ch. 8,9 Brooks)
    • Ch.14 Module4- What it means to honor your child (see attachment Ch. 8,9 Brooks)
    • Ch. 26 Module 3- The power of Connection (see attachment Ch. 5,6,7 Brooks)
  • For each of your 5 selected sections, identify a really poignant message that stuck out to you. This might be because it resonated with your life, or that it really helped something “click” for you in terms of what we’ve been studying regarding the process of parenting and parent-child relationships–or it might be something with which you staunchly disagree and that doesn’t apply to your life or beliefs.
  • Write a really thoughtful reflection on each of these ideas (5 total).
  • Provide a meaningful “take-home” summarizing conclusion regarding something you can take with you as a current or future parent or as a thought for other parents you know.
  • When you format your Original Post, be sure to provide a heading for each Tsabary chapter name and course week/Module for each of your 5 selected readings. In addition, provide a heading for your “take-home” message paragraph summarizing your conclusion from all the readings.

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