Discussion: Conduct external research on Chick- Fil- A.

Discussion: Conduct external research on Chick- Fil- A

Briefcase Spotlight Item: Environmental aka PESTLE analysis. Environmental analysis or environmental scanning is an organization’s way of “staying ahead of the game” by keeping a watchful eye on happenings in the external environment for which you have no control. You will determine how national or worldly events have the potential to impact the internal environment t of the industry you serve.

When completing an environmental analysis, you will analyze the political, economical, legal, technological, social-political, environmental and how the events impact the internal activities of your organization. The activities in the external environment are called are called “trends”. The trends (or current events) will either have a positive or negative effect on the internal activities of an organization. The positive effects are opportunities and the negative effects are potential threats. At times, the PESTLE is used in combination with the SWOT and Porter’s Five Analysis. Ideally, you would first conduct the PESTLE and then complete the SWOT.

When conducting an environmental analysis, it is important to identify salient trends AND indicate whether the trends have a positive or negative impact on the operations of the organizations. Usually, I tell students to identify at least 2-3 trends for each element in the external analysis. Since time does not permit you to discuss every trend, simply choose the “not” ones and discuss those with respect to the industry you belong. Once a business has identified and analyzed the trends, it can determine the best strategy for dealing with potential opportunities and threats that could potentially have an impact on the business.

Please see the video below that details more information on the PESTLE analysis.


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To provide a through response to a minimum of 2 peers. What is substantive? A substantive response is a well written paragraph will consist of a minimum of 7-10 sentences that add value to the discussion.

Minimal to need academic support when providing recommendations. Providing a reference is not enough. Anyone can add a reference article at the end of a deliverable. Both an in-text citation and a corresponding reference in the body of your deliverable. You are required to use an academic source and the textbook to support your deliverable.

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