Discussion 3 (Required Forum) – SU19 Discussion Group 1 From

Discussion 3 (Required Forum) – SU19 Discussion Group 1


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This is the last discussion forum of the summer session. Discuss any aspects of the reading and material from this week or last week’s material (intelligence, motivation, emotion, stress & health, personality and social behavior). You may discuss any of the prompts posted here OR create your own discussion based off of the content for these 2 weeks.

1. Discuss what you feel are essential components to intelligence (how should this be defined? how should this be tested? Give specific examples.) Carol Dweck’s work is particularly important.

2. Discuss anything related to the concepts of studying Emotion, Stress, and Health, reflecting on the video lecture by Daniel Goleman on Emotional and Social Intelligence and the work of Robert Sapolsky & Kelly McGonigal.

3. The field of personality is massive and contains a vast array of theories and concepts. Reflect on any of the Freudian material discussed thus far or the content of Personality study overall. Select 3 Freudian defense mechanisms, state the defense mechanism and create your own unique example for each of the 3 defense mechanisms that you select. Rather than taking an example from the book or searching online for an example, it is much more beneficial to construct your own example.

4. Discuss your reflections upon any of the video content for this week’s topic of Social Psychology. The video links within this week portray some of the most dramatic and famous psychological experiments. You may want to discuss reactions to Philip Zimbardo (and the Psychology of Evil), noting his work on the power of the situation; or your reactions to Jane Elliott’s work with the Brown-Eye / Blue-Eye experiment. You may want to consider: Who would YOU personally like to show this to (who would you like to experience this message and learning)?

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