Business in a Multicultural Environment

DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions by applying everything that you learned in MQM 349 over the last 2 weeks. I am looking for the proper use of terminology and the appropriate connection of ideas. I wrote the exam in a way that ensures an individual approach to the responses. That is, I expect that I will receive a variety of answers and that you will not work together.

Your answers should be 2 pages long for each question, (1” margins, single-spaced, 12-point font) for each question.

Question 1

In class, we discussed the differences between “culture in society” and “organizational culture.” From our small group exercise, we identified 6-7 ways in which the two differ. In our large group discussion, we also drew a diagram to help us in our understanding. List and explain 5 ways in which culture in society differs from organizational culture AND draw the diagram.

Question 2

On July 11th, we had the opportunity to hear from Stephen McAndrew MBE, Regional Director of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Even though his talk focused on his work in West Africa, Stephen emphasized several ways in which his job relates to our class, Business in a Multicultural Environment.

I identified 12 takeaway’s that Stephen provided in class that will help all of us to become better leaders in multicultural environments. You may have noted more. Identify 4 points that Stephen made today that are important to you and your career goals (also tell me your career goal). In your answer, explain how those 4 points connect to some other topic, exercise, discussion or assignment from our class.

Question 3

In our class, we spent some time discussing diversity, ethics, nationalism, the evolution of culture and what all those things means to society, organizations and the world. Every day there are dozens of news headlines about conflicts with migrants at many nations’ borders around the globe. Immigration is a complex issue that will require innovative and complex solutions from systems, institutions, nations, organizations and the people who inhabit them.

As an International Business Consultant, you have been asked to offer an ethical and cultural commentary on this issue. Reflect on the class discussions, exercises and TED Talks from our class. Select the most relevant ones and use the appropriate terminology (i.e., as learned in our class) to prepare your response.

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