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Bid analysis

Bid analysis

Review the publicly available bid documents and documents such as advertisement to bid, instruction to bidders, insurance requirements, and bid forms. Then prepare a proposal of a minimum of four pages (excluding cover page and appendices, if any) in response to the RFP document outlining your strategy in implementing the proposed project (recommended delivery method and contract types), the capabilities of your firm related to implementing this specific project, and steps that you would take to implement the project presented in the form of a summary or master project schedule.

Your paper should conform to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

Project scheduling software application options

To develop the project schedule for your project, use any of the software applications outlined below:

Irrespective of the computer program you choose, instead of submitting the native files, you need to insert a snapshot of your work into your submission or convert what you’ve developed using the computer program to a PDF file, and incorporate that as an appendix to your submission.