Assignment 3


(a) Role of service scape in the delivery of services and Provider Gap 2.

(b) Evaluation of service design, delivery, standards and the use of physical evidence I creating the servicescape.



(a) Service Blueprint.
… Document the flow of service experiences following the 6 steps.
… Blueprint the primary service. [12 Marks]

(b) Analyze service design and delivery process.
… Benefits and use of service blueprinting. [8 Marks]

(c) Clearly designed services in service blueprint without oversimplification, incompleteness, subjectivity, or bias. [8 Marks]

(d) 3 improvements.
… New Blueprint including all changes.
… Original & redrafted blueprints attached in Appendix. [12 Marks]



(a) Service standards
… Company-defined separated from customer-defined standards; hard and soft standards.
… One additional hard and soft measure each. [7 Marks]

(b) Standards creation process analysis.
… Effectiveness of (1) determining service standards, (2) creating service quality goals, (3) tracking goals, and (4) providing feedback to employees.
… Suggest improvements. [7 Marks]

(c) Service quality goals examples.
… Effective in delivering customers’ expected quality level? [3 Marks]

(d) Standards increasing or decreasing Provider Gap 2?
… Support your position. [3 Marks]



(a) Physical evidence in creating servicescape. Samples e.g. print pieces, Internet pages, or photos.
… Congruency of the physical evidence and the service standards. [5 Marks]

(b) Firm’s servicescape.
… Dimensions of ambient conditions, spatial layout and functionality, and signs, symbols and artifacts, (Figure 10.1 in text).
… Overall perceived serviscape. [ 8 Marks]

(c) Impact of physical evidence and servicescape on customers.
… 3 recommended changes [4 Marks]

(d) Contribution of servicescape to Provider Gap 2? [3 Marks]



(a) Conclusions on standards, service delivery and use of physical evidence in creating an effective or ineffective servicescape.

(b) Conclusions on Provider Gap 2 and narrowing the gap.


Appendix: Service Blueprint

  • Original service blueprint
    • Re-drafted blueprint
  • 0


    … • 2000-2500 words

    … • All sources, including websites and personal interviews with your chosen firm are cited.

    … • All material presented is organized and clear.

    … • Uses reflective, logical, and rational thinking to gather, combine, process, interpret, and analyze the information and develop reasonable conclusions.

    … • Uses appropriate marketing terms and concepts.

    … • Demonstrates knowledge, skills, and perspectives on the topic.

    … • Demonstrates connections between your learning and actual business practices and processes.

    … • Paragraphs are unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between ideas.

    … • Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and impact.

    … • Writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation, etc.).

    … • Documentation follows APA style accurately and consistently.

    … • Assignment is submitted in PDF and uses 12‐point font.


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