Arc reflex


Answer the Following Questions in order. Number each response. Please do not retype the questions. Retyping the questions will result in an originality score above 25%. A originality score greater than 25% is not graded and the score entered in the grade book will be 0 (zero).

The submission must be in APA format. Failure to comply with APA guidelines will result in a deduction of points.

Submit the assignment to Canvas in a Microsoft word document format.

1. List & describe the elements of a reflex arc. (5pts)

2. What part of the CNS is involved in a motor reflex. (1pt)

a. Describe ipsilateral and contralateral reflexes. (1pts)

b. Describe monosynaptic and polysnaptic reflexes. (1pts)

3. When Marshal Bry was shot in the arm, he winced and drew the arm toward his torso. This immediate response to a painful stimulus resulted from a flexor withdrawal reflex

a. Are flexor withdrawal reflexes ipsilateral or contralateral? (1pt)

b. Are they monosynaptic or polysynaptic? (1pt)

4. When Grace pushed Grant away, he stumbled, but didn’t fall until he was hit by Brys bullets. Grace’s push didn’t throw Grant to the ground because of his crossed extensor reflexes.

a. Are crossed extensor reflexes ipsilateral or contralateral?(1pt)

b. Are they monosynaptic or polysynaptic? (1pt)

c. How do crossed extensor reflexes help us keep from falling while we get dressed in the morning? (1pts)

5. Everyone depends on stretch reflexes just to walk through the streets of their town.

a. Are stretch reflexes ipsilateral or contralateral? (1pt)

b. Are they monosynaptic or polysynaptic? (1pt)

6. The stretch reflex of the patellar tendon is a simple diagnostic tool for identifying signaling problems in the PNS. What would a slow patellar reflex indicate? (1pt)

7. Describe the difference between the afferent pathway and the efferent pathway (1pt)

8. Describe a muscular system disease, disorder, or syndrome. Include: Name, Etiology (cause), Clinical manifestation (signs &symptoms, what is happening to the body), Prognosis (expected outcome), Treatment (if any). (3pts)


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