10 pages paper for Asphalt and Asphalt Mixes

Term paper must be original work primarily based on the existing literature, particularly the most current available for the subject matter. The paper must include your conclusions drawn from the research, and may include your original ideas for improvement of asphalt technology or selection of best practices based on your investigation.

Potential paper topics may be selected from the lecture subjects, or cover asphalt topics outside of those covered in the course. Papers may also consist of critical reviews of several papers on the same subject in the literature. The paper must include full citation of all references used. The paper must be 10 pages not counting figures, double spaced, 12 point font, machine printed, 25 mm margins all around. The paper will be graded primarily on content, secondarily on conciseness, and thirdly on grammar and presentation.

Potential topics for term papers:

  1. Noise reducing asphalt pavement
  2. New sources of asphalt (biofuel, swine manure, etc)
  3. Asphalt pavement techniques for reducing heat island effect in urban areas (pervious asphalt pavement, light-colored surface, etc)
  4. Colored asphalt pavement
  5. Modifiers and additives used in asphalt
  6. Use of recycled asphalt shingles in pavement
  7. Performance of asphalt mixes with hydrated lime
  8. Use of recycled asphalt pavements in new pavements
  9. Characterization of emulsified asphalt
  10. Foamed asphalt technology
  11. In-situ testing of asphalt pavements
  12. Background and application of stone mastic asphalt (SMA)
  13. Asphalt mixes for bridge deck paving
  14. Mechanisms of common distresses in asphalt pavements
  15. Comparison of aggregate gradation specifications for dense-graded asphalt mixes in various US states and countries
  16. Comparison of aggregate gradation specifications for open-graded friction course (OGFC) asphalt mixes in various US states and countries
  17. Preparation and performance of warm-controlled asphalt concrete for snow melting
  18. Preparation and performance of conductive asphalt concrete for snow melting
  19. Research on fire retardancy and smoke suppression modified asphalt using on tunnel pavement
  20. Research on modified technology of coal pitch
  21. Warm mix asphalt

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